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April 3, 2020
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April 5, 2020
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Time For A Career Change?

It’s going to be a difficult few months ahead for many people, given the major body blow that Covid-19 has brought to the economy.

With every end though, there’s a new beginning, and Greg Dalton at Screen Test is here to guide you through that change.

And now, Greg has moved his career coaching and guidance online.

Take it away, my son…

Given the education and employment troubles the C-19 crisis is bringing, local guy & Career Coach Greg Dalton has brought his Career Guidance, Career & Job Coaching to the cyber world where he can invite you to a 1-2-1 webinar/conference and provide the following services:-

Career Selection Support
Subject Selection for 1st Year, Transition Year up to Leaving Certificate
Transition Year Planning
Study Skills & Techniques
University Course Selection & Direction
Interview Planning & Preparation
Career & Job Coaching
CV & Interview preparation
Psychometric Assessments
Career Management
Career Transition & Change

Initially, why not book your free 15-minute phone call with Greg via his online calendar here, and see if it’s suitable for you, your partner, or your Johnny, or Mary.

You can find out more about Greg and what he can do for you over on his groovy website right about here.