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March 11, 2019
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Tools Down At The La Touche

Given that it’s a multi-million euro development that has taken, oh, 437 years to get itself actually up and running, it’s more than mildly curious that work on the new La Touche Hotel development has stopped for the past few days.

What’s more curious – with a small dollop of furious – is that it nigh on impossible to find out just why.

Calling and leaving messages with the senior planning manager, Laura Finn, for over a week draws a blank, and eventually, a nod from Derek Mitchell reveals that the lady might no longer be in that job.

When it comes to emailing the developer directly, we got a simple one-line response from the bould Sean McGreevy – ‘We have had to stop work for operational reasons, we will be back on site soon’.

Rumour has it those operational reasons translates as the site being shut down over unsatisfactory or unsafe working conditions. But, as we say, that’s a rumour. Given that no one from the new development is actually forthcoming with any real information.

As soon as we know any more than that, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, Laura, if you’re reading this, call us.


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  1. Igor Cusack says:

    There is still nothing much happening today – 11th April – except some of the scaffolding is being taken down before it should be? What is happening?

    • Paul says:

      Have email, and phoned, just about everyone on this development, and the fecks are always out that day, or are just getting a press release together, or whatever. Going to publish all their emails, so we can all send them a request for an answer…