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April 22, 2015
Old Delgany Graveyard Heritage Tours
July 15, 2019
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Tours Of The Old Delgany Graveyard

Tours of Delgany graveyard – one of the oldest in Wicklow – are now available on request.

Conducted with some authority and plenty of insight and wit by Lailli De Buitlear, you can indulge in this macabre slice of local history by request.

And if you’re wondering just how good these tours might be, suffice to say that the grey-haired Ms De Buitlear is actually 326 years old.

You can contact Lailli directly on or 01287609. You can also find out more about the wonder that is Delgany on the official website here. And about some of the gossip of the town with village butchers the Farrelly brothers here.

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