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June 23, 2020
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Latest press release from Wicklow County Council, issued on Friday, July 3rd 2020…

A new Tracks & Trails video commissioned by Wicklow County Council and presented by travel writer Pól O Conghaile will be launched on Tuesday next (July 7th). It features Bray Head, the Belmont Way and the Sugarloaf Way.

The video, which follows a walk beginning at the foot of Bray Head ending at the Great Sugarloaf, will be launched at a special virtual event, available for online viewing on Facebook Premier, on Tuesday, July 7th, at 12.30pm on the Visit Wicklow page.

Presented by Pól O Conghaile, the 10 minute show features a magnificent trail which now links and extends a number of other well-known trails into a long and challenging walk. This new Tracks & Trails follows a route across a very varied terrain including rugged mountain climbs, flat and quiet forest paths, rich farmland and country roads.

The trail, which can be completed in a day, for the experienced walker, or broken into shorter walks, reveals what is best in Wicklow landscapes from breathtaking sea vistas to magnificent rural views stretching across fields, mountains and skyscapes.

This show, presented by Wicklow native and dedicated walker Pól, also reveals underexplored paths, new access routes and until now, inaccessible trails in his home county. Pól begins the walk early in the morning on Bray Promenade, climbs up over Bray Head – a much quieter route than neighbouring paths – quite quickly ascending into an almost rural setting with wide views across five counties.

He continues down along quiet, well-marked ways into Belmont Demesne. Belmont Demesne has recently been opened to the public who can connect their walk from Bray Head along a new access route onto the Little Sugarloaf. Enjoying an exhilarating turn with Fat Bikes Adventures, based in Belmont Demesne, Pól then continues past Arthur’s Barn , on foot to the Little Sugarloaf accessing it along a newly laid path which brings walkers around the side of the mountain.

Chatting to some other walkers en route, Pól then descends along quiet roads to Kilmacangoue and onwards along the old Viking trail which skirts the side of the Great Sugarloaf where he completes his walk. Walkers familiar with the Little Sugarloaf and Bray Head will delight in this lovely, new, marked trail which adds a further new route to Co. Wicklow’s ever-growing network of walks.

Tracks & Trails, Wicklow County Council and Visit Wicklow are delighted to launch this video to the public at this time now that domestic restrictions have been lifted and to introduce this new linked route. This show and the social media videos which accompany it, will help draw hikers, walkers and visitors back to County Wicklow but also away from more crowded hotspots.

Open spaces, a safe environment, off the beaten tracks and offering unique experiences are all what we can showcase in County Wicklow through this video. In the longer term it will introduce these lesser known newer and accessible trails, to a much wider audience, highlighting parts of Wicklow to an eager hiking and walking family through the medium of the Tracks & Trails video format.

Walkers familiar with the Little Sugarloaf and Bray Head will delight in this lovely, new, marked trail which adds a further new route to County Wicklow’s ever growing network of walks, which now link Bray Head, to The Wicklow Way to Glendalough, Tinahely and all the way to Blessington and the new Greenway there.

John Sherwin, Executive Producer, stated: “This summer when we are all urged to stay safe and holiday in Ireland we believe this new video following a really beautiful walk is coming at just the right time to encourage people from all over Ireland to come back to Visit Wicklow.”

The trailer is below, and the full 10-min trek is right here. Naturally, it starts with a little WCC hard sell. As if we needed it.

More about Visit Wicklow right about here. Snow Sugar Loaf pic by Feargal Breathnach.