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Vincent de Paul’s Appreciation Day

It’s the one shop in town where the more fashion conscious and daring Greystones man can go to find something a little off the peg.

And, if you get just the right combination of rejected clothes, more than a little off the wall.

And next Saturday, everyone’s favourite French designer, Vincent de Paul, will be hosting a Customer Appreciation Day.

We weren’t entirely sure what that means, but, after a little digging, we discovered that there’s going to a great big shipment of new stock. Shipped all the way from another Vincent’s, no doubt.

And there may even be a signed apology for charging that little bit more than other charity shops – because, of course, we’re all stinkin’ rich out in sunny Greystones.

Happening on Saturday, January 25th, the fun kicks off at 10am, and you’ll be kicked out the door at 5.30pm. Probably looking like the eejit above.

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