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April 5, 2020
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April 6, 2020

With fitness on everyone’s mind as we start to step back into daylight more and more, Mike Creamer down at Power Rowing Greystones has come with a smart option.

With even the open seas not available to all and sundry, Mike has decided it’s time to go virtual.

Here’s the lowdown down at the harbour…

When the Greystones Rowing Club temporarily closed its doors in March following a directive from Rowing Ireland, Power-Rowing’s Mike Creamer – fitness guru to the stars, btw – loaned out his rowing machines to some of his customers who have since been joining him virtually on the digital river.

Mike now keeps one of his machines in a studio space in the harbour (the former Harbour Barber and future Greystones Pilates studio) where he runs daily online rowing classes that are available to anyone who has a Concept2 rowing machine.

Mike says he can replicate his regular interval-based classes using 3D digital rowing software and Zoom. And the classes are suitable for all fitness levels. He says, “We are not racing – we do time-based intervals so everybody starts and finishes together. But some people do get very competitive.”

Right now you can’t buy a rowing machine for love nor Monet, due to the high demand and production slowdown. However, Mike has sourced some machines for hire from some local gyms.

For more information on how you can join his virtual rowing classes call 0830488082 or email You can also check out our 2019 interview with Mike here.