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February 9, 2020
Get Loved Up For Purple House
February 10, 2020

It was clear from very early on in the day that John Brady’s Dáil seat was safe.

What may have caught some people by surprise though is just how well first-time general election hopeful Jennifer Whitmore has done.

With five seats available, on that early afternoon tally [right], Brady had pretty much double the votes of second-placed Simon Harris. By the time the first count was announced at 8pm, Brady was elected, with 17,297 votes meaning a surplus of 5,410, whilst in second place, on 8,765 votes is Simon Harris, third is Jennifer Whitmore on 7,039, fourth is Steven Matthews on 5,634 and fifth is Stephen Donnelly, on 5,467

By Monday evening, it was all over, with the five Wicklow TDs heading to the Dáil confirmed as John Brady, Jennifer Whitmore, Simon Harris, Stephen Donnelly and Steven Matthews

Now, all that we need is the recount. There’s a strong feeling this could still be Charlie Keddy’s year.

In the meantime, GG’s #1 roving photographer John McGowan mingles with the dreamers and schemers, the winners and the screamers…

You can check out the full gallery of John McGowan shots in hi-res here, where we’ll also be uploading each new count. You can also keep an eye on those votes with the mighty Stephen Kearon on Twitter right here.

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