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June 18, 2021
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June 19, 2021
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Vote For Becky! Again!

fter a wildcard cry from GG, Kilpedder’s Becky Johnson has now officially entered the Miss Ireland 2021 contest.

Which means our very own Miss Wicklow could be headed for fame, glory and some serious moolah.

Naturally, Becky is extremely excited and very delighted to have reached this stage…

“I am so grateful for the support shown over the last couple of months, to even have gotten into the top 5 of the last round of votes was fantastic. I was the first finalist to be called out after the short videos were shown for the Wildcard final and I just started to cry. My whole family just jumped and it was the best feeling, knowing I did them proud. When it came to it, I really didn’t think I would do it! Our community is something like no other.

The voting will continue right up to the final on September 5th at Killua Castle, the winner securing a place in the top 16 on the night. The free daily vote will apply again and it would be great to get them in the final run up.”

You can vote by downloading the Miss Ireland app on Apple right here and Google Play right here. And then go check out Becky’s A Day In The Life here.