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June 30, 2020
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September 14, 2020

It seems like only yesterday Max and GG were observing all the busy works going on at Greystones’ latest swanky estate.

And now, sure are these lap-of-luxury abodes all ready to go to market?

Ain’t no doubt about it, when it comes to houses around here, bejiggers, they grow up so fast.

Described as ‘a beautiful collection of luxury homes set on the charming Georgian estate of East Hall‘, these 74 detached and semi-detached home are ‘presented in two neighbouring areas‘, whilst this ‘new address exhibits a real appreciation for family life‘.

Sounds like someone’s a poet. And they doesn’t even knows it.

No denying Eastmount is in a sweet spot though, nestled beside Kindlestown Castle and hidden away on Chapel Road whilst also being just a stone’s throw from all the cafés, shops, schools, etc. And being high up on the hill, they get to look down on everyone else in the town.

Just like GG.

And we was lucky enough to get some pics of what these new Greystones houses look like on the inside. You can check out the full hi-res versions right over here.

Launching Saturday, August 15th, you can also check out the Eastmount website right about here – where you can also download the full brochure. And when you’re done being overwhelmed, you can register your interest right about here