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January 22, 2020
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Watson & Johnson Centre For Sale

Given that it currently nets €314,000 a year, it’s unlikely that the upcoming sale of the long-standing Watson & Johnson shopping centre will result in any seismic changes.

Unless, of course, Starbucks decide to turn it up to 11, and become the biggest java joint in this coffee town of ours.

With its mix of shops, takeaways, salons, offices, cafes and hippy soothsaying upstairs, the Watson & Johnson centre would appear to be in good health. Especially when you consider that the busiest shop in town, Vincent’s, is there.

Plus, there’s also the little matter of 26 car park spaces. Right in the town. They’re probably worth millions alone.

Which might just about justify the €5.5m asking price for an area covering 11,750 square feet.

Joint agents Cushman & Wakefield and McGovern Estates are on the lucrative case, quipping, “This sale presents a unique opportunity to acquire a prime mixed-use investment asset which is located in the heart of Greystones“.

Man, those guys are some smooth talkers

Now, we just got to figure out who owns this little goldmine. Think it might still be Alison’s parents.

Really should start hanging out with those guys again…

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