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January 22, 2019
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Wave Hello, Say Goodbye

There’s something both terrifying and titillating about a great big wave crashing into Greystones shoreline.

Like nautical fireworks, you never know which of these waves will hit the biggest height.

Or, if you’re very, very lucky, drench that lad just over there with the expensive camera.

There was a time when the old harbour wall offered the perfect hard ass for that Irish Sea to slap hard once the wind was a blowin’ in the right direction. Some of the braver/dumber souls would dare each other to walk that wall as the waves hit ever harder and higher, with, thankfully, this regular game of Greystones Roulette only ever managing to give our slower denizens a few days in bed with a cold.

There were tragedies amidst these storms too, of course, people lost to the sea forever. Plus, the loss of two coal-carrying vessels, Arthur Evan’s schooner Vellinhelli and the English ketch, Reciprocity – pictured below – in October 1910, as well as the destruction of the North Beach cottages.

We’ve been collecting shots of those heady harbour waves, along with the occasional battering of The Cove, over the last five years, and now we’ve pulled them all together. For one great big splash.

If you have any shots of Greystones getting all wet and wild – such as 2017’s Greystones Rocks winner [above, right] – send ’em in to info@greystonesguide.ie, and we’ll be sure to make room in the boat for you… 


Now, go jump in The Harbour water here, or The Cove here, or The South Beach here.