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We Talk To Some ESB Guy

It’s all happening down at the harbour tonight, with no less than seven dirty big ESB trucks and another three outside contractor lorries…

This is either a very late Christmas do for the national sparkies, or they might just be onto the problem that has blown Greystones’ fuse twice in the last three days.

We managed to corner the one guy everyone else said was in charge, and although he requested that he remain blameless – sorry, nameless – he did agree to explain to the Guide what the frickin’ frick is going on.

Maybe it isn’t all down to Mrs Mooney and her new nuclear-strength heaters after all…?

Not being fully versed in the terminology of Tesla, we’re going to have to paraphrase here, but, basically, the trouble started when a crappy old ESB cable gave up the ghost down outside The Beach House on Saturday night, with all signs pointing to an unexpected knock, dig or shake that left an opening for water to enter and do its corrosive thing.

The twist of it is, there’s a second crappy old ESB cable right beside it, and, lo and behold, after Saturday night’s emergency repair job – by an outside contractor, incidentally – this second lifeline has now revealed its own fatal knock, dig or shake.

Maybe it was just, in both scenarios, a case of old age. Then again, maybe it was just, in both scenarios, a case of an eejit not watching where he was hammering.

With nearly two thirds of the ESB’s entire nationwide workforce currently down at Greystones harbour, the ESB Chief With No Name reckons everywhere in the town will be back to sparkling by 8pm. At the latest.

He assured me that his men had first sourced the location of the unfortunate cables, then dug a very large hole, and were currently all looking into it.

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  1. Tony fitzsimon says:

    I would like to thank the lovely guys from the Esb who were working in the harbor yesterday fair play to them making sure we have our power back for the harsh weather ahead terrible conditions to be working in yesterday

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