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August 26, 2019
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October 17, 2018

Now in its fourth year, our annual Battle Of The Bands has firmly proven that there are a whole lotta shakers in our midst.

Or, to be more precise, in our mist, given that most of today’s young rock gods and electronica oddballs who like to hide their love away.

Which is why the temptation to venture out into the real world and win over €1,500 worth of goodies is so important. There’s nothing quite like hitting that perfect moment on stage, when artist and audience become one.

One great big dancing, swirling, laughing, singing loon.

From Feuds and Taken to Talk Like Dog, Emily Beattie, Overture and Nicolaas Walle, we’ve witnessed a whole weekend festival’s worth of wonders over the last three years. And if you don’t believe us, check out 2019’s beautiful dreamers here. And 2018’s wily schemers here. Oh, and 2017’s right here.

So, it’s obvious that there are lots more hidden gems in the roaming hills of Newcastle, the dark valleys of Delgany, the winding back alleys of Kilcoole, the mean streets of Charlesland and the, eh, Parisienne walkways of Greystones.

Up for grabs are two days in Hive Studios with the renowned Eoin Whitfield, a video shoot with the rockin’ Oscar Hackett and his Never Meant crew, plus a photo shoot with the acclaimed, famed and mildly ashamed Pablo Photography.

Oh, and some cover story glory with a top-of-the-range, oven-ready, Grade A one-on-one interview in your soaraway Guide. John Lee HOOKER!

Sponsored by Greystones Municipal District Council, the 2020 competition has been moved to 2021. Just send your MP3, video or link to , and, hey, fame and fortune will be yours. Our judges – including young Mr Whitfield and the been-there-nailed-it Dylan E. Crampton – are waiting patiently in GG’s soundproof booth for your sonic masterpieces. So, move your ass. And brace yourself for a live showcase in The Hot Spot too…

To keep your rockin’ in the meantime, The Artist Formerly Known As Alan Adamson has asked us to once again enter his take on The King’s Suspicious Minds for 2021’s competition…

Alan ‘Elvis’ Adamson Suspicious Minds

Hard to put into the words the passion Alan Adamson delivers here, as he belts out his all-time favourite song by his all-time favourite artist.

Despite having dressed as Elvis for the previous 40 years, this was the very first time that young Adamson stepped out on a stage as The King – and, bejiggers, he nailed it.

“Come on, BABY!

Some people are rock’n’roll gods on the weekends. Alan ‘Elvis’ Adamson is a rock’n’roll god seven days a week.

If you’ve got a kick-ass tune that you want to add here, just send it in to, along with a little info about yourself and a ridiculously flattering pic. After all, there are €1,500 in prizes to be won – all courtesy of those generous souls down at Greystones Municipal District. More info here.

In the meantime, keep on rockin’ in the free-ish world. And get a recording of your battle-cry while you’re at it…