Greystones’ New Schools On Hold
July 29, 2020
Triple A Sending Teens Up The Wall
August 5, 2020

Press release from Western Building Systems, issued on Wednesday, July 29th 2020…

Western Building Systems has tonight strongly rejected claims by the Department of Education that a new school that will host both Greystones National School and Greystones National College is “not yet fit for handover.”

The contractor, which has been working on the project for two years, says there is no reason why pupils and staff should be denied the opportunity to take occupation of the new buildings as planned in September.

“We were advised today that a test which was conducted earlier by an independent organisation appointed by the Department – and was to have been conducted in conjunction with our team – showed that part of a system did not meet required standards. However, a similar system, when tested two months ago by our own professional partners passed.

“We are deeply disappointed and baffled as to why the handover has been delayed at the very last minute as all the necessary certifications of completion have been agreed by all parties and why the Department would act unilaterally and out of keeping with agreed processes. The Department has had ample opportunity to communicate with us in relation to the project and has chosen not to do so.

“The first we heard of this news was when reading about it in the local media. We have not been formally advised by anyone from the Department of this delay and we will be asking for a meeting immediately with its representatives to find out why it has decided at this late stage to deprive children of the opportunity to commence their new school. We have also requested a copy of the full report on the test.

“This must be hugely frustrating for parents, pupils and staff and we sympathise deeply with them. As far as we are concerned there is absolutely no threat to the safety of staff, pupils or parents.”

You can read our report on the school delay earlier this evening here.

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