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August 27, 2019
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September 27, 2019
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What The Frickin’ Frick Is That?

As anyone who has ever read the Guide before will tell you, we’re godforsaken, science-loving, hocus-pocus-hating handsome heathens here at GG HQ.

Our belief being that science flies us to the moon, and religion flies us into buildings.

Still, when our #1 roving photographer Brian Keeley spotted this strange object flying over Greystones today, we were intrigued.

According to the lad himself, “it’s about the size of a chopper” – which, we presume, is a reference to the fine flying machine as opposed to the cool 1970s bike.

So, anyone got any ideas as to what this little fecker might be? Has L. Ron Hubbard finally returned to earth to save the believers? Has the R1010 Airship spotted over the Holy Rosary on November 18th, 1929 come back? Or, eh, maybe just a zero party balloon, and Keeley’s out of his Scully…?

Answers on the back of a Masonic Lodge membership card to the usual address.


  1. Eamon J Martin says:

    i also saw it but in colour.has it been id yet?

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