What’s Your Fave Greystones Chomping Ground?

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March 8, 2021
This Month Was Made For Walking
March 4, 2021

t’s been quite some time now since Greystones was first dubbed a foodie town, and it’s not difficult to see why.

From The Happy Pear to The Hungry Monk, from Spendlove’s to Sonny’s, from Chakra to Camile and from Las Tapas to Le Crépérie, we’re incredibly spoilt for award-winning eateries in this town.

And Daata have the gongs to prove it. As does The Bear Paw. And The Pigeon House. And Camile. And The Hungry Monk. And, hey, Caffé Delle Stelle.

The list goes on – and on – and as our fine restaurants and all those huggable little cafés hold their breath for the lockdown to lift and their doors to open once again, we thought now is the time to show all of Greystones eateries some love.

And community support.

We already celebrate our many takeaways – who have been generally thriving in these deliver-us-from-cooking days – and we reckon it’s high time the likes of Julian, Sinan and all the others facing empty tables each day should have their moment in the sun too.

To keep them smiling until it’s a struggle once again to find an empty table.

Running throughout March, vote for your favourite restaurant or café below, and let them know just why you’d rather eat out with them than getting yet more curry sauce on your pyjamas

Big love to Wood Group Homes, who are sponsoring the competition, and thus helping keep the Guide show on the road, baby.

We’ll have a prize of a dinner-for-two in the winning eaterie too – which will no doubt taste all the more delicious as we’re all let out to eat, drink and be merry again.


  1. Barbara says:

    Voting for best restaurant in Greystones: Daata.
    Why? Because they listen to their customers. Change the menu /dishes as requested/asked by the customer. And most important: are always polite and if any queries call you back to help out.
    Have 110/120% my vote.

  2. Paul o conor says:

    Daata greystones. Best food in greystone.

  3. Sarah says:


  4. Marie says:


  5. Ian says:


  6. Blathin says:

    Another vote for Daata, the food is amazing every single time!

  7. Lisa says:

    Eleven Deli for take out as they hit the spot 100% of the Time
    Buoys for eat in. Paul Sharkey is a Michelin standard genius and his wait staff are the best in town.

  8. Peter says:

    Daata the best restaurant in town.

  9. Gagandeep singh says:

    Daata! Delicious food and amazing service !! Can’t wait to dine in there again. My Vote goes to Data indeed.

  10. Colin Acton says:

    Re Horse & Hound.
    I totally sympathise with the Hunters Brook residents. Three storey + car park = 4 storeys and and big over shadowing / overlooking issue. But biggest question is how on earth will construction vehicles get in to dig out for the car park and build it? The existing access is too narrow as is Hunters Brook.
    I’d like to see an expanded vibrant hotel in the village but this is another case of over development and the construction challenges have not been thought through at all.

  11. Sharry says:

    Daata one of the best Indian food in Ireland so my vote goes to daata.

  12. Amy says:

    Chakra, no comparison delicious

  13. Justyna Tomczyk says:

    Daata is the one for me .

  14. Fergal O’Neill says:


  15. Ute Lorenzen says:

    The Hungry Monk!

  16. Suzanne Cox says:

    My vote goes to The Hungry Monk

  17. Robbie Byrne says:

    My vote goes to Daata

  18. Sinead Keating says:

    Daata Rocks ✌️

  19. Eugene McCooey says:

    Hungry Monk. Julian, Nicholas & Team deserve to be numero uno

  20. Margaret Norman says:

    Hungry Monk all the way for amazing food and great atmosphere.

  21. MAEK says:

    The Hungry Monk.

  22. Al says:

    Daata for the yummy food they do.

  23. Claudia V. says:

    DAATA!! Great food, amazing and helpful staff.

  24. Pat O'Neill says:

    The Hungry Monk gets my vote. The food is of a consistently high standard. The welcoming atmosphere created by Julian, Sam, Nicholas and staff ensures an enjoyable evening.

  25. Karl Grant says:


    Fantastic food with great atmosphere and welcoming Staff. An all round winning combination which makes Daata stand head and shoulders above all other Restaurants in the Greystones area.

    • Carol Murray says:

      It has to be Daata.

      Waseem & co is doing a fantastic job keep up the good work and best of luck in the future.
      God bless.

  26. David says:

    Daata is one with good food and efficient staff.

  27. Derek Harte says:

    DAATA without a doubt. Great food, attentive staff and value for money.

  28. Mandy Young says:

    Daata by far the best eatery in Greystones . Delicious food every time!!!

  29. Cormac Byrne says:

    Zahara deserves to be on this list.

  30. James O’Shea says:

    Daata for sure

  31. Mary J Egan says:

    Daata, my favourite eating place in Greystones

    • Sarah Young says:

      Daata- top of the range, no questions asked!
      Winner winner, Afghani Chicken dinner..

  32. Nora says:

    Daata a must visit after lockdown.

    • Shahzad Ul haq says:

      I highly recommend vote for daata Graystones because of his excellent preparing for main dishes so tasty and stater are present so modern style and best taste in ireland. Daata is a big chain to grow in ireland with different locations. Please visit after lock down you will find more then my recommendation

  33. Sonya says:


  34. Allison O Connell says:

    Daata is definitely my winner

  35. Rajesh Singh says:

    I vote for Daata

  36. Trisha says:


  37. Purab Singh says:


  38. Elaine says:

    I have to say Daata as it’s our family favorite.

    • Shahzad Ul haq says:

      I vote for daata beacuse of his excellent tast starter presentation outstanding his environment and most experienced staff with smiley faces

  39. Wayne Earls says:


  40. Fiona Alston says:


  41. Arron says:

    Daata all the way

  42. Dan Fan says:

    Daata is the best

  43. Paul says:

    From Facebook, Pauline Mitchell Lynch is voting for The Hungry Monk…

  44. Paul says:

    From Facebook, Pauline Chambers votes for Daata.

  45. Ann says:

    Daata food is Truley exquisite.

  46. Jacqueline McManus says:

    Daata is without a doubt the best restaurant in Greystones

  47. Bushra Aslam says:

    It’s got to be Daata!! Unreal food and the best staff and family! 🙂

  48. Stuart says:

    Daata has it all covered so definitely Daata

  49. Neil says:

    Daata is the best restaurant period.

  50. Richard says:

    My vote goes to Daata

  51. Katherine says:

    Daata is our family favorite

  52. Jean says:

    All the restaurants in greystones are good but Daata is my favorite.

    • Darren says:

      Keep calm and curry on Daata is the best. Afghani is a winner every day of the week.

  53. Tara says:

    Daata the best

  54. germaine says:

    CHAKRA out of every time

  55. Richard says:

    Chakra top restaurant. Consistently good.

  56. Paul says:

    From Facebook, Uttam Bisht votes for Chakra.

  57. Sean Murphy says:

    Las tapas is delicious

  58. Niamh O'Flynn says:


  59. Amanda says:

    Daata all the way

  60. John Somers says:

    Without a doubt it’s The Hungry Monk.
    Pre covid our annual visit ( and sometimes twice ) to Ireland from South Carolina and Greystones in particular must include dinner at The Hungry Monk . Great food great wine and Julian and staff are excellent. When travel permits, we will return.

  61. Paul says:

    From Instagram…

    projeto_comviver Chakra by Jaipur… it’s my favourite…

  62. Oliver says:

    Daata is the best in greystones lads we know this

  63. Paul says:

    From Facebook, Catherine Delahunt is voting for The Hungry Monk

  64. Paul says:

    From Facebook, Doris Dixon is voting for Insomnia

  65. Paul says:

    From our Facebook, Clive Armstrong Nolan is going for The Hungry Monk.

  66. Paul says:

    From Facebook, Michael McCahill is voting for Insomnia.

  67. Paul says:

    Kathy Sharry has changed her Tiffin vote (a takeaway) to Chakra.

  68. Paul says:

    From Facebook, Siobhan Hanley realised Indian Spice was a takeaway and so, she’s voting for Bear Paw.

  69. Paul says:

    From Facebook…

    Breda Keogh votes for The Royal Park.

  70. Paul says:

    From Facebook…

    Dermot Hackett votes for Royal Park.

  71. Paul says:

    From Facebook..

    Roisin Kennedy votes for Royal Park.

  72. Paul says:

    From Facebook…

    Kathy Sharry votes for Tiffin. Which, hey, is a takeaway. Not a sit-down restaurant. The feckin’ feck.

  73. Paul says:

    From Facebook…

    Siobhan Hanley votes for Indian Spice. Which is a takeaway. Not a sit-down restaurant. The big eejit.

  74. Emma says:

    Moj manao daaataaaaa

  75. Ali says:

    Long live Daata

  76. Ruth says:

    Love Daata my favorite in Wicklow

  77. Derek says:


    Superb authentic Pakistan/Indian food and the best in Greystones for sure, love it..!!!

  78. Derek Grant says:

    Superb authentic food and the best in Greystones without doubt, love It..!!!

  79. Susie Kenny says:

    Always a warm welcome Beautifully presented delicious food…with proper linen napiery, decent cutlery and stemware…..you know you’re in for a real treat!

  80. Jen Walsh says:

    Daata! Just amazing. Though we are very lucky as a town to have so many excellent eating options

  81. Gabrielle says:


  82. Tiana says:

    Daata. Best Indian and Pakistani restaurant

  83. Gabby kennedy says:

    Daata hands down.

  84. Mahaam Rashid says:

    DAATA!!!!! it’s unbeatable! If you haven’t tried it at this stage, you’re definitely missing out 🙂

  85. Leonie says:

    It has to be Chakra , love their flavours

  86. Leonie says:

    It has to be Chakra , cannot wait to eat in again soon!

  87. Alan says:

    Daata is my favorite

  88. Paul says:

    Comments are now open. And no swearing. You fecks.