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Whitmore & Fortune Want Drugs Not Hugs

s Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly announces that Ireland has ordered enough vaccines for 10.3m people, two of his fellow Greystones District politicians are unimpressed with the rollout.

Both Deputy Jennifer Whitmore and independent councillor Tom Fortune spoke out today about what the former called “anxiety and confusion” regarded the vaccine timetable.

“A number of constituents have been in touch with me about the process of rolling out the vaccine in Wicklow,” said Whitmore, “including one woman who was due to receive the jab only to be told at the last minute that her appointment was cancelled – without any explanation as to why.

“The rollout programme is coming across as hit and miss to people and they are looking for clarity as well as certainty to how vaccines are being carried out. The Government needs to step up here and outline exactly what the process is.”

With Shoreline this week confirmed as a mass vaccination centre – after the premature announcement of the Charlesland Golf Club – the hope is to open its doors in early March.

For Cllr Tom Fortune, a “lack of consistency with supplies to clinics” is a major concern, given that it effectsthe care of some frontline staff”.

Ultimately, he says, “the rollout is a bit of a disaster.”

Whitmore has the last word.

“I will be seeking answers from the Minister of Health and push for greater clarity and information so that everyone is informed and prepared as the rollout of vaccination continues.