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February 2, 2021
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February 3, 2021

ne of the few joys of the past year is witnessing those who, amidst all the lockdowns and fed-ups, simply went above and beyond for their fellow Greystonian.

Sometimes, it was a great big gesture, such Chakra and Las Tapas making free dinners for all the frontline workers.

Or those incredible health workers daily facing Covid-19 head on, the town’s crucial rescue services – from the First Responders to the Irish Coast Guards – or the ever-present Garda.

At other times, it’s was simply one neighbour helping another by grabbing their newspaper and milk.

Throw in those who, day in, day out over the past 10 months, have been making sure that we all have what we need to make it through these strained days, and sure, we’re surrounded by secret superheroes in this town.  Whether it’s the butchers, bakers and takeaway makers or the likes of Fiona Roche, David Dodd and their fellow pharmacists keeping us all stocked up on happy pills, there’s a plethora of people around here who have made living la vida sofa so much easier.

And then there’s the Flynnstones, Vincent’s, Greystones Cancer Support, the gringos who saved Christmas, Harris, Whitmore and all the other local politicians who are fighting a good fight

Not that our search for Greystones’ Local Hero 2021 is all about those brave souls battling at the front. This is also a shout-out to those people like Conor Power, Dave Kenny, Colette Talbot, Aisling Leonard, Michelle Powers, Matt Wilson, dog poo-stirrer Bernie Stokes, the Chambers lass and so many others who set up volunteer groups in 2020, or those who went out of their own to help

Which is where you come in. Is there someone out there who you feel deserves their moment in the spotlight? Whether it’s someone who has been quietly working away in the shadows, building bridges (and theatres), or a hardy trooper out in the field of battle, you can nominate your local hero in the comments below.

Sorting out the selfless acts from the selfie acts, let us know why you’ve nominated them, if you can, with a few words of praise.

Sponsored by the very good people at AIB Greystones, we’ll be treating the winner of this public vote a slap-up feed for two from  – or maybe even in! – their favourite Greystones eaterie come March…

More importantly, they’ll be blessed with the undying love and admiration of 20,000 Greystonians – for anything up to 12 months…


  1. A63 Smoke on top says:

    Conor Power

  2. Bolingoli says:

    Conor Power (lovely fella in all fairness)

  3. Mike ox’long says:

    Connor power

  4. Senan Rogan says:

    Conor power

  5. Mincraft Steve says:

    Connor power

  6. Monica Power says:

    Conor Power

  7. Catherine Wheatley says:

    Conor Power a very brave and selfless 17 year old. He deserves it all x

  8. Chloe kirby says:

    Conor power

  9. Lauren Johnston says:

    Conor Power

  10. Frank kinnane says:

    Vote for Conor Power

  11. Jean says:

    Vote for Conor Power

  12. Amy mullen says:

    Conor power

  13. Alex kenny says:

    Conor power

  14. Nikki says:

    Michelle Power for all her super work she has done to help those cocooning during each lockdown.

  15. Val Kiernan says:

    Colette Talbot

  16. Cian Power says:

    Conor Power

  17. Nicola Power says:

    Conor Power

  18. Siobhan Casserly says:

    Colette Talbot

  19. Siobhan says:

    Colette Talbot

  20. Lesley O Callaghan says:

    Colette Talbot

  21. Sean Murphy says:

    Colette Talbot

  22. Romi Gray says:

    Colette Talbot for all the work she has done for the homeless. She is tireless and infectiously inspiring with her energy. She is kind and loving to the many service users she cares for. I see this first hand each week, and she never changes. She makes a huge difference to those who need it. I’m very proud of her.

  23. Caitriona whiston says:

    Collett Talbot

  24. Moninia Odonnell says:


  25. Wayne Earls says:

    Colette Talbot

  26. Samantha Houston says:

    Colette Talbot for all the work she has done with the homeless food runs over the years.

  27. Linda cooke says:

    Colette and not forgetting her lovely daughter Abbi who does so much as well.I have seen first hand from helping in dublin with the team,the work and effort that goes into all they do and the real difference it makes to people who have little or nothing.

  28. Sharon Vella-Hancock says:

    Colette Talbot absolutely deserves this! The work she does is amazing!!

  29. Suzie Golby says:

    Colerne Talbot
    She is pure human kindness

  30. Mary Bede says:

    Colette Talbot is amazing, I wouldn’t know where to start.

  31. Mary Clarke says:

    Colette Talbot is amazing, she works tirelessly to help the Homeless.

  32. Denise says:

    Colette Talbot

  33. Fionnadh McGonigle says:

    Colette Talbot

  34. Katie says:

    colette talbot

  35. June kelly says:

    Collette talbot h

  36. Elaine Green says:

    Colette Talbot, she is super woman ! Day in day out she gives up every spare minute she has volunteering for Homeless Mobile Run. Every Wednesday she is on Grafton serving food to the rough sleepers and families in need. She works around the clock getting items donated to ensure every need of the service users are met.

  37. Jenny McCarthy says:

    Colette Talbot, Homeless Mobile Run

  38. Maeve Dunne says:

    Colette Talbot, Homeless run

  39. Darren Costello says:

    Colette Talbot, homeless mobile run

  40. Amanda Lawless says:

    My vote has to go to Orla Finn who has given so much to our community. She has worked so hard on projects such as development of our fabulous playground,, fundraising for Wicklow Dementia, lighting up Greystones and making Christmas so special this year. She is someone who gives & does so much for the benefit of others, never wants the limelight but deserves it.

  41. Molly says:

    Colette talbot

  42. Joy says:

    Colette Talbot…an unsung hero who does so much in a quiet way behind the scenes every week.

  43. Ryan says:

    Colette Tolbot, a wonderful woman who will never see a homeless person go hungry, cold and lonely, she is there for every single one of them and does it with the genuine heart of gold she has. Couldn’t think of a more worthy winner!

  44. Cian says:

    Collette Talbot, fully deserved for everything she does for Dublin’s homeless!

  45. Caroline says:

    Colette Talbot

  46. Orla Thomas says:

    Colette Talbot for her tireless dedication to the homeless run every week!

  47. Lisa says:

    Colette Talbot

  48. Bronagh Bonner says:

    Colette Talbot

  49. Stephanie Behan says:

    Colette Talbot

  50. Yvonne o neill says:

    Colette x

  51. Aileen Ascoli says:

    Colette Talbot

  52. Emma says:

    Colette Talbot

    • Margaret Duggan says:

      I would like to nominate Colette Talbot as the local hero for all her tireless work with the homeless. .

  53. Ash Kemp says:

    Colette Talbot

  54. Serka kinsella says:

    Colette talbot for all her work with our homeless

  55. Rebecca C says:

    Colette Talbot for her compassion, kindness and tireless work for the Homeless Mobile Run.

  56. Janet farrelly says:

    Colette Talbot she is just amazing she works so hard every week helping the homeless

  57. Eilish says:

    Colette Talbot

  58. Paul Brierton says:

    Benny Taglienti! While we all moan and complain about this lockdown and the restrictions it imposes on our daily lives, this man is suffering the most vile disease with untold and permanent effects on his life, but he never complains. On the contrary, when I last spoke with him a few weeks ago he told me how luck he is, I really couldn’t understand his viewpoint, but he explained that he was lucky to have such a wonderful family and seeing his grandchildren most days kept him going. He really is an inspiration to us all.

  59. Nicola Molloy says:

    I would like to nominate Colette Stewart for her work with the homeless people in the City Centre

  60. germaine bissell says:

    Colette Talbot 100% deserving

  61. Patricia Penston says:

    Colette Talbot for her wonderful selfless work she does week in week out.

  62. Amy lynch says:

    Colette Talbot, Homeless mobile run. Shes an Earth angel

  63. Susie kenny says:

    Proposal for our local hero….

    Colette Talbot for her tireless and consistent work with the Mobile Homeless Run… not just feeding hundreds on Grafton St every Wednesday evening, but now an outreach ‘walkabout’ .on Friday nights ..handing out food and necessities to those they find on the street sleeping rough.

  64. Caroline Whelan says:

    Colette Talbot. She is such an inspiration, giving so much of her time and energy to help others

  65. Paul Evans says:

    Colette Talbot

  66. Margaret Norman says:

    Colette Talbot without a shadow of a doubt

  67. Glenda Keedwell says:

    Definitely Colette Talbot… her never ending generosity and kindness is unbelievable

  68. Patricia says:

    Colette Talbot for all her great working helping the homeless community

  69. Mary J Egan says:

    Definitely Colette Talbot for the local hero award. For her kindness and commitment in working with children, young people and adults who are homeless.

  70. Jackie leonard says:

    Colette Talbot – she is selfless of her time every week and all during the week preparing for each run to help the homeless of our city.
    Inspiration to us all.

    • Jenny O'Reilly Sheridan says:

      I’d like to vote for Colette Talbot. She is just amazing and so kind helping the homeless. A heart of gold and an inspiration.

  71. Ellen says:

    I would like to nominate Colette Talbot for her tireless work she does for the homeless run!

  72. Carole says:

    Colette Talbot shows all of us what a hero should look like. It’s incredible that she does so much work with the homeless and has been doing so for so long! Way to go Colette!

  73. Cathy says:

    Colette Talbot

  74. Crona says:

    Colette Talbot

  75. B. Schmidt says:

    Colette Talbot

  76. K Macadam says:

    Colette Talbot

    • K Macadam says:

      I am nominating Colette Talbot as the work she does with the Homeless Mobile Run week in week out is completely selfless and truly inspirational. Not only does Colette volunteer and give up her time every single week to help at the Homeless Mobile Run. but she also co-ordinates all the donations and prepares everything during the week too. She is making a real and valuable difference to the lives of the most vulnerable and often forgotten members of our society. Thank you Colette!

  77. Kathleen Kelleher says:

    I would like to nominate Colette Talbot from Kilcoole who helps the homeless.
    For many, many years, Colette has been organising a Homeless Mobile Run.
    She sets up tables on Grafton Street where the homeless can receive hot homecooked meals.
    Also on offer are tea, coffee, soft drinks and sandwiches.
    Colette also does an outreach run, where she visits the homeless where they are sheltering.
    Colette’s efforts are thus two pronged, the homeless can go to Colette and Colette can go to the homeless.

    On the Wednesday before Christmas, there was an amazing Christmas Party.
    On offer were a full Christmas Dinner served to approximately 250 people.
    With so many extras: desserts, homemade cookies, chocolate biscuit cake.
    Trifle, pudding and custard, selection boxes.

    Colette often asks for special items that are needed by the homeless.
    The response to requests for help is always outstanding and Colette is so very grateful to all who donate.
    Colette does her work twice weekly, during the dark of night, when most of us are tucked up in our beds.
    Such magnificent work, over many years, especially during this cold, icy and wet winter, certainly deserves recognition.

  78. Matthew says:

    Conor Power!

  79. Tommy Doyle says:

    I nominate Benny Taglienti as greystones local hero what he gives us in these dark days is determination willpower strength and above all courage to fight and carry on regardless of our situation he is an inspiration to us all they talk about the fighting Irish and our tanasity to overcome but take a look at this fighting Italian and what he has overcome and is still fighting and you will look out at the rain n say what a beautiful day we don’t have problems this virus is temporary it will go away and so will the rain but he will still be fighting like many others in his situation keep fighting Benny and I hope you win this and all your battles mate.

    • Laura Dicker says:

      I’d like to second Benny Taglienti as a true Greystones Hero not just this year but for decades! Generations of teenagers owe you Benny for being ridiculously sound as we sat in/stood outside Jokers sharing one bag of chips and having the craic! Never once did he lose the plot with us! Legend! Wishing you all the best with your mighty battle now Benny! Greystones loves you ❤

  80. Geraldine Clifford says:

    Michelle Power is my choice as a local hero. As soon as Covid hit Michelle jumped into action organising volunteers in every area of Greystones and surrounding areas to assist anyone who was cocooning.She then set up a social media page and is continuing to update it with information about Covid,restrictions,covid payments and now vaccinations. Michelle also works very hard on the Greystones 2020 Committee. This lady gives of herself so much to help,support and improve the lives of everyone in her community while still keeping her business running and taking care of her beautiful family.

  81. Matthew Wilson says:

    I’d vote for Michelle Power. Genuinely ball breaking work throughout the lockdown. I think the outreach to people stuck at home was the most amazing releif and gift to so many.
    I’d vote for Collette Talbot for her ongoing work to feed and keep homeless people clothed and in sleeping bags. She must have saved a number of lives and made hundreds feel cared for.
    I’d vote for Orla Finn, for her local community work. (and for bringing me a bottle of wine in our new home)
    John Glynn, every year… I don’t know anyone else who inspires more people to do mad things for a better cause. (Happy 50th Today John)
    Those McKeever boys have both fished a people out of the sea without mention.

  82. Dorothy says:

    Voted Conor Power!

  83. Jeanette says:

    Conor power

  84. Brian Wall says:

    Conor power

  85. Breda says:

    Conor Power

  86. Frank Kinnane says:

    Conor Power

  87. Sarah says:

    Conor Power

  88. John Bosco Conama says:

    Conor Power

  89. Jacqueline says:

    Conor power

  90. Jennie Wall says:

    Conor Power

  91. Gary wall says:

    Conor power

  92. Kate O'Sullivan says:

    Conor power

  93. Neville Wall says:

    Conor Power

  94. Maureen says:

    Conor Power

  95. Jeffers says:

    Conor Power

  96. Robert Carroll says:

    Conor power

  97. Olivia Kinnane says:

    Conor Power

  98. Jack Kinnane says:

    Conor Power

  99. Alan Wall says:

    Conor Power

  100. Tommy Smith says:

    Conor Power

  101. Sarah Roberts says:

    Conor Power

  102. Lisa Carroll says:

    Conor Power

  103. Gina Wall says:

    Conor Power

  104. Lynette says:

    Conor Power

  105. Simon says:

    Conor Power

  106. Lindsey says:

    Conor Power

  107. Gill says:

    Connor Power

  108. Audrey Conama says:

    Conor Power

  109. Emma Wall says:

    Conor Power for using his life saving skills. Such a brave young man.

  110. Anke Roth says:

    Connor Power

  111. Audrey Byrne says:

    Conor Power

  112. Emilie says:

    I vote for Connor Power

  113. John doyle says:

    Voting for conor power!!!

  114. Niall Byrne says:

    I’m voting for Conor Power

  115. Mona says:

    I vote Conor Powe!

  116. James kelly says:

    I vote for Conner Power.

  117. Aoibhe Nolan says:

    We vote for Conor Power

  118. Amelia says:

    I vote for Conor Power

  119. Claire Heffernan says:

    I vote for Conor Power – Very Brave young man!

  120. Mary Browne says:

    Conor Power

  121. Louise says:

    Conor Power

  122. Suzanne Behan says:

    Conor Power

  123. Silvie Cahill says:

    Vote for Conor Power, Greystones local hero

  124. Muireann Kelly says:

    I vote for Conor Power, a true Hero!

  125. Niamh says:

    Conor Power!!!

  126. Paul says:

    ORLA Hamilton is voting for Conor Power…

  127. Paul says:

    ONE shy Burnaby resident DM’d their vote for Michelle Power, with a second for Simon Harris…

  128. Ciara Kelly says:

    Conor Power

  129. Karen Kelly says:

    Conor Power. unassuming and humble hero who put all of his life saving knowledge into practice for a selfless sea rescue in very difficult and dangerous conditions last year.

    • Amanda Oneill says:

      I would like to nominate Benny Taglienti. This man is one of a kind, from helping the homeless to making sure everyone got home after a few too many on a night out jokers has always been a place to go not only for food in some cases before we all had mobile phones you could always pop in and you can be sure Benny and the lads would hand over the phone for you to contact a parent Benny has been helping the people of Greystones for over 30 years and now he is fighting the greatest battle of his life and yet still puts everyone’s needs before his own he is the pure definition of a hero in my eyes and I don’t think there is anyone more suitable for this amazing title. I think this award would be a beautiful tribute to an amazing man

  130. Fionnuala Meehan says:

    I’d like to nominate Orla Finn. Orla is a powerhouse that has organised and contributed to so many local events and great causes, but never looks for the recognition. She is the perfect example of someone who knows how to get things done. It would be wonderful if we, as a community, could thank Orla for everything that she does, her involvement in numerous committees, light up Greystones, Wicklow dementia, school actives, Up off the couch and much more. Orla is a very worthy nominee, as are all of the wonderful people on this list. We are lucky to live n a community with so many people who care.

  131. Shenda Burchell says:

    I wish numerous people could win but given it’s just one I vote for Conor Power , a brave young man.

  132. Jackie Lowe says:

    Conor Power for putting his own life at risk to help save a lady from the sea in treacherous conditions.

  133. Helen O'regan says:

    Michelle Power all day long

  134. Belinda Lacey-Curtis says:

    Conor power

  135. Carmel Byrne says:

    I vote for a young man who so bravely put his life on the line to save another!
    An heroic, courageous and selfless act that not many would have attempted.
    He deserves recognition for saving a life in such horrendous conditions. Well done Conor

  136. I vote for Conor Power who bravely put his lifesaving skills to the test and reminding everyone about the importance of watersafety. Can I also vote for all the teachers in Temple Carrig School who have kept school as positive and normal as can be at the strange time. Lastly to Simon Harris who what ever your political preference has been so hard working, kind and clear and is the first health minister in a long time who came out of the role more popular than he went in.

  137. Garret power says:


  138. Paul says:

    FROM Triona Sheeran…

    Everyone listed is amazing , and load of people not listed who have been incredible .
    But my vote has to go to Michelle Power , a working full time mum and how she manages to give everyone her time during covid I don’t know
    Thanks Michelle

  139. Sinead says:

    Michelle power, 100%!!

  140. Paul says:

    FROM Sandra Donnelly…

    Michelle Power definitely

  141. Paul says:

    FROM Nicola Lawless…

    Definitely Michelle Power she has been amazing during this lockdown providing info and arranging help where need

  142. Jane Kennedy says:

    I nominate Fiona Roche, Fiona is a local Pharmacist, who’s customers are her priority.
    Fiona possesses a wealth of medical knowledge. She’s so positive and cheerful, you leave the pharmacy feeling better even before you start your prescription.

  143. Gill Sheil says:

    I nominate Fiona Roche because, like her father before her, she genuinely cares for every one of her customers, provides a listening ear when needed, guarantees at least one laugh when you meet her and offers the best advice for no extra charge.

  144. Orna Flannery says:

    Fiona Roche – always pleasant and willing to go the extra mile for her customers

  145. Paul says:

    FROM Joanna Tomlin: Asif in Hillside Garage .So nice to my Dad when we lived in Redford

  146. Paul says:

    FROM Siobhan Hanley: Michelle Power for coordinating a team to help those cocooning, organising shopping and other essentials to be delivered, this was a lifeline for many. Well done to all involved.

  147. Paul says:

    FROM John Glynn: John Glynn
    Has to be Damian McKeever for keeping us all entertained

  148. Paul says:

    FROM Aidan O’Toole: Micheal Larkin for saving a young lads life down in the men’s and not publicising it!!

  149. Teresa Hynes says:

    I’m going with MICHELLE Power for her inspired initiative to assist those at risk or isolating during the pandemic. We now have a volunteer base dedicated to helping this group who can be mobilised at short notice.

    Michelle also promotes local business and is a great asset to the community.
    Whether it’s Christmas lights, Santa boxes or lost dogs – Michelle is on it!

  150. Aisling Callaghan says:

    I’d like to nominate Orla Finn who works tirelessly for charities & enriches our community with such initiatives as Light Up Greystones for Christmas. A power house of energy, she is an asset to our community.

  151. Stephen Stokes says:

    Bernadette Stokes. Top Dog.

  152. Paul says:

    Elaine O’Connor for Bernie Stokes…

    Mrs Amazing! The lady behind our new dog park!

  153. Paul says:

    Catherine Mitchell votes for Josie Meany…

    Josie Meany a legend in the community… people never talk about what the likes of you and others did for kindlestown park years ago of a concerned parent. …. respect

  154. Alice O'Donnell says:

    We are lucky to have many wonderful people who volunteer to help others and make our area a better place to live in. I’d like to nominate Orla Finn as one of those “local heroes”. She has done so much to benefit our community and its always done in a voluntary capacity. Her work as a volunteer goes back years to her involvement with local Parent’s Associations . In the last year she has been involved in organising the Christmas lights and also started several initiatives to support local businesses.
    Orla is also head of fundraising for Wicklow Dementia support . She is driven and energetic and always sees projects through to their conclusion. She really knows how to get things done. Orla is a great example of someone who doesn’t look for the limelight, it’s very hard to get a photo of her!

  155. Ramona says:

    Michelle Power, without a doubt. Always time to help others, no matter how busy she is.

  156. Emma T says:

    My Local Hero is 100% John McGrath from Greystones Plumbing. He always arrives when he says he will and his standard of work is perfect. He also is reasonably priced. As a single lady householder, I know I can trust him and his work. I don’t know many plumbers that would come to your house to fix a toilet, tell you your front car tyres are very low and goes home get a pump and come back and pumps them up for you! He has a big heart. VOTE FOR JOHN MCGRATH / PLUMBER!!!!

  157. Anne Marie Gahan says:

    I would like to nominate Michelle Power, She is a great asset to our town and surrounding areas was involved with the Christmas tree s in our district s and promoting our local businesses, I don’t know were Michelle gets her energy from she has two lovely daughters and her dog Bella not to mention her husband Richie. She helps locate lost dogs and she also help start up the community help in lockdown. In December she opened her own business the hearing clinic up in Fishers plus works her own job as an audiologist in Tallaght Hospital. She is a lady that keeps giving and nothing is too much for her. Definitely deserves some reward .

  158. Rowena Gahan says:

    I would like to vote Michelle Power as “Our Local Hero”. Michelle is not only a dedicated mother to her 2 beautiful little girls, but she has always taken care of her fellow Greystonians. From rescuing dogs, to helping with Santa’s Post Box in December, she truly passionate and dedicated to her town. Not only is she a Greystones hero, is is also a 2020 hero after working tirelessly throughout the pandemic since last March as a Front Line Worker in Tallaght Hospital as well as running her own business . She also organized for the vulnerable people of Greystones and the surrounding areas, to get their groceries and medication delivered to them after setting up a Covid 19 volunteer page on Facebook which proved to be a great success! Thank You Michelle for everything you did, do and continue to do. “Not all Hero’s wear capes”.

  159. Paul says:

    From Linda Byrne on our Facebook page…

    Michelle Power for all her hard work she is fantastic xx

  160. Nuala Tuffy says:

    I would like to nominate Orla Finn. Orla has contributed to this community tirelessly for years. Her energy and commitment is endless. She drove school fundraising events, playground fundraising and now is head of fundraising for Wicklow Dementia Support, (a voluntary role) following on from a very successful afternoon tea event that she organised last year. Orla’s power of persuasion ensured that almost every lady (and some men) she knew was encouraged to support and attend this event! In 2021 she worked tirelessly to make our community a brighter place for everyone, young and old, from all walks of life, by being involved in Light Up Greystones, Wicklow Dementia Support, supporting local businesses through ‘Up off the couch’ and ‘Adopt a shop’ . All on a voluntary basis. We can thank Orla for reminding us all what a wonderful place we live in and for reminding us all to shop local. If Orla is successful in being nominated as our local hero the big challenge will be to get a photo of her as she usually avoids the lime light! A true hero, happy to put in the work and seldom get the recognition. I wonder what she has planned for 2021.

  161. Marie Happonen says:

    I would like to nominate Orla Finn for all her selfless work she does for the community and many local charities.

  162. Barry King says:

    Orla Finn

  163. Alex Whelehan says:

    I would like to nominate Orla Finn. She works tirelessly on behalf of the community, never failing to give her best. She was a member of the light up Greystones committee. She’s the head Of fundraising for Wicklow dementia. She helped with the new playground. She organised teenagers to back for the homeless. She’d be really deserving winner.

  164. Orla Leonard says:

    I would like to nominate Michelle Power. She set up the Greystones, Kilcoole, Newcastle, NTMK COVID-19 self isolation help facebook page, through which she has coordinated teams of people across those areas to assist those who have been isolating incl. runnimg errands and getting shopping, medications etc. to them. She is diligent in updating the group with current information regarding the pandemic. She met people in carparks many nights so they could collect leaflets from her to explain the support network and those volunteers then dropped the leaflets to all of the above areas, giving many people a contact number for a friendly face. Many people used/use these supports. She is a frontline worker in Tallaght hospital so has been donning PPE to look after her patients since this began. She runs a clinic locally too and has so generously looked after eldery people’s hearing aid needs/repairs and refused to take payment..she also handed out buckets of free hearing aid batteries to make sure the same people wouldn’t be stuck while isolating. She is so considerate but doesn’t just think it, she acts on it. She is heavily involved in the community and was central to the organisation of the Christmas lights. All while being mother to two small children. We are lucky to have her and she deserves massive recognition for getting up off her arse and doing so much.

  165. Orla Delaney says:

    I would like to nominate Orla Finn for this award . Orla works tirelessly for the Greystones & Wicklow Community & all behind the scenes , her achievements in 2020 were endless & she is currently working on new projects for 2021 . She helped launch ‘adopt a shop’ with Matthew Wilson to encourage more people to shop locally , she was involved in the Greystones Children’s playground , she is Head of fundraising for Wicklow Dementia Support and was a Member of the Light Up Greystones committee & also helped launch ‘Up off the couch’ to promote both local activities & businesses . She never stops & is a very deserving candidate for this award .

  166. Christina McGowan says:

    I am nominating Orla Finn as I believe that she deserves this award. She has done so much for Greystones as a community but also for Wicklow as well. She is the most valid and dependable candidate for this award as she is so hardworking and always makes time to help others. She has volunteered for countless local businesses, committees and groups. She was a member of ‘Light Up Greystones’ Christmas committee, she devoted a lot of time to get the new playground in Greystones, she is the head of fundraising for the ‘Wicklow Dementia Support Group’, she is the Covid Rep for the greystones GAA club, she helped to launch the ‘Adopt A Shop’ initiative with Matthew Wilson and she launched the ‘Up Off The Couch’ initiative. She has also gotten teenagers involved with baking for the homeless. The list of good deeds Orla has done is endless! She is a selfless individual that has helped so many people.

    • Kate Fogarty says:

      There have been so many amazing contributors to the Greystones community this year which makes this town so special. Orla Finn is one of those people who have volunteered so much of their time and hard work on behalf of their fellow Greystonians. She really deserves recognition for all her efforts and in particular the HUGE amount of work she did for Light Up Greystones which made Christmas more special for 2020. She has put some serious work into so many deserving organisations and charities over the years- well done Orla!!!

  167. Helen Ryan says:

    I wish to nominate Orla Finn . Orla has been such an asset to the Greystones community over the years . She has worked avidly and given up alot of her time in an unassuming manner .
    The list of accomplishments is long including being the head of Wicklow Dementia which is very close to my heart and her help with setting up the new playground. She has helped this community with such great devotion and so deserves to be called a Hero !

  168. Tracey Beausang says:

    There are so many people who have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic. However I would like to nominate Orla who had given so much of her time to the community. In particular organising the light up Greystones campaign and promoting local activities and businesses through her Facebook Off the Couch page.

    • Tracey Beausang says:

      Just to clarify it’s Orla Finn that I want to nominate

      • Catriona Gahan says:

        I would like to nominate Michelle power, she is a hero in herself, working in the community, taking care of her two lovely little girls, and a frontline worker in tallaght hospital and also running her own business! iv never met someone so caring and helpful! Nothing stops her from helping anyone who needs or needed it. From doggies to people to Santa’s post box. She is a true super woman!!

  169. Aideen O'Donovan says:

    I would also like to nominate Orla’ Finn. Orla is an inspirational and tireless volunteer in helping the local community in Greystones. She has committed her time and energy to helping get a new playground for Greystones, she is also head of fundraising for Wicklow Dementia Support Group, she is always promoting local businesses and activities through her FB page Off the Couch not to mention her working with Matthew Wilson to promote Adopt a Shop to help local businesses. This is just a small sample of the Orla’s recent community activity, all voluntary. Orla Finn really is a hero and role model for everyone in this community.

  170. Orlagh Ryan says:

    I would live to nominate Orla Finn, a real asset to Greystones in her many roles, light up greystones, wicklow dementia support, mobilising teenagers to bake for the homeless, GAA volunteer, the list goes on and on, could keep going

  171. Mandy Hall says:

    Nominate Orla Finn, Orla devotes so much time and effort for the good of our community. She is in numerous committees dedicating her time, skills and expertise. In particular she is Head of Fundraising for Wicklow Dementia Support Group,. In 2020 she has organised fundraising initiatives, and recruited other volunteers to get on board for WD. She was part of Light Up Greystones 2020 committee, leading the task to get community groups involved in the production of the on line event. Orla does allot more quietly behind the scenes, and never taking the limelight for any if it.

  172. Audrey Bradshaw says:

    Conor Power

  173. Eoin O’Mahony says:

    All the above are worth nominations, and there are SO MANY more, but I have to say a huge shout out to the staff in all of the supermarkets that have kept going, since the very beginning, at great risk to themselves, when there was fear all around, of the virus, of food shortages. And they keep going, without extra pay, without much thanks, and despite people going in without masks. Staff of Lidl, SuperValu, Tesco, Aldi, Donnybrook Fair, I salute you.

  174. Paul says:

    Voting is now open…

    • Susie Sheil says:

      Fiona Roche all day long.

    • Fergal O Farrell says:

      I want to vote for Michelle Power for her immediate and ongoing work for the people who need assistance during this pandemic. Her instant setup of a badly needed support network has been great for the people who needed assistance but also for the whole community. It brought great humanity and neighbourliness to the fore in a very heartening way