Wicklow Lowest Drink/Drug Driving Nationwide

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Wicklow Lowest Drink/Drug Driving Nationwide

Wicklow county has scored the lowest level of drink and drug driving offences in the whole of Ireland, according to new statistics just released.

Despite a steady increase in the number of offences recorded nationally, the new Central Statistics Offices figures reveal that the Garda division of Wicklow recorded 8.28 drink driving detections per thousand of population.

Which is well under half the amount recorded in the highest district recorded in the country – Cavan/Monaghan, with a 19.11 per thousand of population recorded.

The CSO figures reveal that the detection rates for drink driving are much higher in rural areas whilst in the cities, drugs are the problem. The belief that drink driving is dying out with the older generation was challenged by Garda Assistant Commissioner Patrick Leahy, who warned that millennials are responsible for 30% of drunk drivers.

The arrests for drink and drug driving rose nationally, with the number of motorists caught in the past five years at 34,000, and rising.

Last year, there were 149 people killed on Irish roads, 117 males and 32 female, whilst 83 of these were drivers, 42 pedestrians, 15 motorcyclists and 9 cyclists.

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