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March 11, 2019
Never Mind The Ballads
April 11, 2019

Well, we’ve long known that Greystonians are a sexy, loving and thankful bunch, but, we had no idea that there were so many caring and sharing feckers too.

When we sent out the S.O.S. two weeks ago for a little help from our friends, well, we thought we might get lucky, and have 10 or so loyal readers respond.

In the end, the number of people who heeded that Supplement Our Site call and threw some fuel on GG’s home fires was truly overwhelming.

And, in the case of Richard Roche, Dermod Dwyer and Majella McAllister, just how much fuel fair brought us to tears.

So, a great big thank you to everyone listed above, and to those who have joined the Guide over the years, or supported us in any way. Free from spamtastic ads means that we’re also free from all that lovely, soul-selling moolah, but, hey, taking the content-over-commerce approach is worth it. And working, it seems.

We should give a special mention to James Sherwin too, who, back in August, and completely out of the blue, just donated to the Guide. Emailing us first, James stated, ‘Like thousands of others, I’m a huge fan of what you’re doing‘, going on to wax lyrical about the archives, the news stories, the in-depth interviews, and our sick, libel-baiting sense of humour.

It was an email that fair warmed the heart of our cockles. And we still reckon it was actually our mum, feeling sorry for GG once again

We’ll ease off on the can-rattling now, with the plan being to make this an annual appeal. Of course, once we hit that golden minimum wage target, we’ll call off the dogged Oliver Twist act.

For now, it feels damn good to feel appreciated. God bless you, one and all. Even those who only donated a feckin’ fiver.


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  1. Andrew says:

    Well deserved, Paul. One thing though — Bono donated!?!