Greystones Gets Bus Connected
October 25, 2019
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October 24, 2019

One of the Guide faithful, Roderick Carlyle has been sending us snapshots and memories for a few years now.

Having spent much of his early years in Greystones, young Rod was always coming up with the odd nugget from the town’s past.

And now the man has delivered something of a goldrush of snaps.

Having lived “back in the day” in Alberta, that white house on the North Beach, with pop Stanley running The Anchor before the mighty Joe Sweeney, in later years, Rod spent his summer holidays staying with his aunt, Mrs Olive Ledwidge at Kenmare on Trafalgar Road. And during that time here, luckily, the Carlyle boy liked to take his camera along as he explored the town.

It was Pat Mooney who asked Rod to take some snaps of that year’s Greystones Rowing Club Regatta, even if, recalls our snapper, “he looked a little camera-shy once I started taking shots“.

The bulk of those shots were taken in 1974, including catching local fisherman Harry Sutton at The Beach House, on a night out with the missus and their daughter, Gladys.

All taken between 1972 and 1974, we’ll be adding another resurrected slide from young Carlyle’s dusty archives daily for the coming week or so.

In the meantime, feast your eyes, you lazy fecks, on these Kodachrome crackers…

You can check out these shots in hi-res here, and go explore our Old Harbour archives right here. But only if you’ve got six hours to spare.