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July 12, 2019
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August 1, 2019

Yep, if you’re looking for trouble, as you can tell by Tommaso’s face, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s that time of year once again when Greystonians vote for their favourite java joint.

And that means the undisputed coffee champ is getting ready to rumble once again, keen to add a fifth consecutive title win to mantlepiece.

With Greystones having turned into a major foodie town over those four years, Mr Chuckles is well aware that the competition is going to be even tougher this year. And that means turning up the heat on those who might just dare to vote for another coffee shop.

Sure, last year, wasn’t he neck-and-neck with those young Eleven Deli upstarts…?

So, mind how you vote, people. We are dealing with a complete and utter barista here, and one who, should you consider favouring a rival, will happily make you a knuckle sandwich that you can’t refuse.

The competition is open for the next four weeks, and there will be a prize of yummy Lunch For Two in the winning eaterie for one of you lucky voters. Just enter the name of your favourite Greystones coffee joint in the comments section below to enter.

And we have to give a big, big shout-out to Jim and The Wood Group Homes – Churchlands is now open – for sponsoring this annual coffee love-in once again…

You can jump back through Tommaso’s previous title fights right about here.


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  1. Farzana says:

    Caffe Delle Stelle!

  2. Ken Murphy says:

    Caffe Delle Stelle – nuff said!

  3. Della Stella……….. best coffee……best value…….grumpiest Barista!!!

  4. Gerry Duggan says:

    Caffe delle stelle best coffee around and service with a smile

  5. Svetlana Bulatova says:

    Amazing coffee and VERY friendly service,
    Caffe Delle Stelle

  6. As my Kids say……’Masso’s’.. All the way..then he does bribe them with a Marshmallow or two!

  7. Humphrey Twomey says:

    Cafe Dele Stelle and Tomasso’s welcoming smile wins it for me.

  8. Mary O'Neill says:

    Café delle Stelle has the best coffee, by far.

  9. Caffe Del Stelle all the way

  10. Marlies Budde-Petch says:

    Absolutely Cafe Delle Stelle, the weekend isn’t complete without a coffee at Tommaso’s!

  11. Gaffo says:

    Tomasso for the 5 in a row!

  12. George Jones says:

    Caffe della Stella best for coffee

  13. Ann Hopkins says:

    Wow, a lot of support for Caffe delle Stelle! I must try out their coffee this weekend ….. ☺

  14. Richard Grainger says:

    Caffe delle Stelle for the best coffee.

  15. Stephen Collier says:

    Cafe Delle Stelle

  16. Geraldine O'Connor says:

    Cafe del Stelle- best coffee , with real attitude,

  17. Adam Kritidis says:

    Cafe delle stelle

  18. Barry McCleary says:

    Caffe Delle Stelle. Coffee is the best in the world, and the abuse is free. Tomaso is a unique character and adds colour and spice to the morning coffee

  19. Orlaith Young says:

    Cafe de Stelle …… of course

  20. Mike says:

    Cafe del Stelle….

  21. Orla Caffrey says:

    Cafe Del Stelle

  22. Fearghal Murphy says:

    Caffe Delle Stelle in the drive for five! Best coffee in the town and the best atmosphere to boot! Up Tomasso!

  23. Maria Murphy says:

    Caffe Delle Stelle

  24. Agustina says:

    Caffe Delle Stelle

  25. Maria Casillas says:

    Caffe Delle Stelle!!!

  26. Greig Fairfield says:

    Has to be Caffè Delle Stella, without doubt the best coffee in Greystones. Maybe next year do a worst coffee vote too!!

  27. Betty says:

    No. 1 vote to Tommasso’s for the win.
    No. 2 vote to Eleven Deli.

  28. Derek Callaghan says:

    Caffe della Stelle has the best coffee .

  29. Darren Conlon says:

    Cafe de Stelle…. Main man Tommaso to make it 5 in a row

  30. Marie says:

    Cafe de Stelle

  31. Hadrian says:

    Cafe Della Stella

  32. Sarah Ezatkhah says:

    Tomaso’s!!! (Cafe de Stelle)

  33. Melissa Clement says:

    Cafe De Stelle 2019!!!

  34. patrick lynch says:

    Cafe De Stelle – everyday!

  35. Frank kirwan says:

    Tomases is best.

  36. Mark says:

    Caffe delle Stelle of course.

  37. Shane H says:

    Cafe de Stella best coffee and customer service in greystones

  38. AJ says:

    Caffe Della Stelle by a clear furlong!

  39. conor says:

    Cafe Delle Stelle

  40. Miroslav Bakaj says:

    Best coffee

  41. Tilly says:

    Cafe Del stelle

  42. Til says:

    Cafe Del stelle for sure!!

  43. sarah lynch says:

    Cafe De Stelle

  44. sarah browne says:

    Cafe De Stelle

  45. Rompy says:

    Tomaso is the best even if he is grumpy all the time.

  46. Ray says:

    Caffe Della Stelle all the way in 2019 for best coffee.

  47. Andrew says:

    Caffe Delle Stelle.

  48. Tamara says:

    Always Caffee delle Stelle… in town!

  49. Gareth says:

    Even after a further 67 coffee shops opening in Greystones since Tommaso won (again!) in 2018, he is still King Barista. And close to half the cost of most places!

  50. Manus Hingerty says:

    Eleven Deli

  51. Sophie Coughlan says:

    Eleven Deli

  52. Lauren Kelly says:

    Cafe Delle Stelle

  53. Andrei Marcel Molnar says:

    Tomaso all the way guys!!!! The lad with a lot of connections has my vote!!!

  54. Cristinas says:

    Cafe Delle Stelle

  55. Eoghan O'Donnell says:

    Fat fox