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January 23, 2020
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January 24, 2020

Another great big double-bill of groovy Greystones gigs to tempt you back out into the real world.

From Gemma Kane’s acclaimed play inspired by her parents surviving the Stardust Nightclub tragedy to the likes of Richie Buckley, Drazen Dave and Anto Drennan teaming up for session supergroup Stolen Chicken, sure, there’s something for every fecker out there.

As always, the week would not be complete with the three diddley-aye fixes available – Tuesday’s open session in Dann’s, Brian Farrell and co gathering around the Horse fire on Wednesdays, and Ger Doyle caught in fiddle-driven time warp every Thursday in Dann’s. Forever. And ever.

The big one Thursday is Gemma Kane’s acclaimed 48, charting the night her parents headed off for a Valentine’s bop in the Stardust nightclub back in 1981. The ensuing tragedy is faced head-on here, with humour, friendship, innocence and that ever-resilient human spirit. Running Thursday and Friday night at The Whale

Running until Friday 24th, St David’s are going Footloose and fancy free with their no-star production of the 1998 hit musical based on the 1984 hit movie. Worth it for that kick-ass theme song alone, of course,

To make sure your Friday nights are a-rockin’, The Meakins will be blues-rockin’ the arse out of Dann’s, on the 24th, whilst Mia Parson will be doing her sultry thing on the 31st. Upstairs in The Hot Spot, once again, Ailbhe‘s spending some time alone with her plants.

As the bould Wayne Campbell will tell you, life don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that schwing. And Greystones will have buckets of the stuff tonight, when the Route 66 Big Band comes to town, taking over The Whale for the night, and partying like it’s 1949. A 16-piece kick-ass brass band is certainly one way to blow away those January blues

Making sure that your joints are rockin’ on a Saturday nights, Woodsy & Co  and then The Bruddahs are at The Beach House, whilst Karl Ivers is over in Pluck’s both Saturdays. At The Whale, it’s that rollicking Route 66 Big Band on the 25th, and the very, very mighty Stolen Chicken on February 1st.

Born out of a drunken night in Spain, Stolen Chicken comprises of baritone Simon Morgan, Cafe Orchestra guitarist Drazen Derek, sax god Richie Buckley, keys cat Myles Drennan and piano accordion legend Nigel Linden, and they’re about to release their debut album. And to get themselves ready for international stardom, they’ve wisely chosen to have their coming out party at The Whale.

The night before, on Friday, January 31st, Paddy Casey returns to Greystones, for a sell-out show at The Whale. The flash bastard.

The big cultural kick on Sunday 26th is the Bolshoi Ballet being beamed via satellite into The Whale this afternoon at 3pm, with a performance of Adolphe Adam’s Giselle. Get in!

Over at The Hot Spot, it’s Pat’s Fireside Session for the next two Sundays, kicking off at 4.30pm. Free admission, but donations are welcome. Warning: May Contain Ukuleles.

And bringing some peace, love and understated humour to our town, on Thursday 30th, Andrea Splendori takes his iTunes chart-topping Social Fabric podcast to the big stage for a new monthly run at The Whale, starting with Is Sea Swimming The New Kale? – a subject well-suited to guests Ruth Fitzmaurice and the Flynnstones. Sold out well, well in advance, you might want to jump on board February 27th’s Do We Really Need Another Guru?.

As always, don’t forget to check out The Whale, Pluck’sand The Hot Spot for all the groovy gigs happening over the coming weeks – plus, of course, the finest bar on the planet, The Harbour Bar

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