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January 13, 2019
Good Morning, Greystones
January 13, 2019

It’s only January, and already the calendar is filling up with groovy Greystones nights.

So, whilst you’re thinking about getting your actual ass back in shape, how about getting it out the door of an evening, and having some fun…?

As always, there are three diddley-aye fixes available each week – Tuesday’s open session in Dann’s, Brian Farrell and co gathering around the Horse fire on Wednesdays, and Ger Doyle caught in fiddle-driven time warp every Thursday in Dann’s. Forever. And ever.

The big one on Wednesday night is the big-screen outing for Rosie, Paddy Breathnach and Roddy Doyle’s powerful tale of one young Dublin family’s struggle to find a bed for the night. Paddy will be attending the screening – so, one not to be missed. You can check out our interview with young Mr Breathnach here, and grab yourself a ticket here.

For the country rockers, Big Muddy return this Friday to Dann’s, whilst upstairs at The Hot Spot, the acclaimed new artist Somebody’s Child will be launching his debut single, Make You Alright. It’s a free gig, baby, but, donations, as always, are most welcome…

Saturday is the busy one this week, the big being the return of Hazel O’Connor to The Whale, her latest of three sell-out shows there. And joining the Will You star for her mighty homecoming gig is the very groovy Dylan E. Crampton, who will be showcasing his recent three Beatles-infused singles alongside a batch of new songs and covers… You can join the cancellation list here. You can also catch Quest For Ted over in Lee’s of Kilcoole, whilst the somewhat legendary Woodsy is back at The Beach House. Bejiggers.

Happening on Sunday, those furry, freaky and free afternoon sessions are back at The Hot Spotjust, you know, tread carefully. There very well may be ukuleles. There’s also the latest in The Whale’s satellite link-ups with the great and the really great – this time, the Bolshoi Ballet are being beamed live into The Whale at 3pm for a production of La Bayadére. It’ll do your head and heart good.

As always, don’t forget to check The Whale – including Greystones Film Club goodies and those live satellite link-ups – and The Hot Spot for all the groovy gigs coming up over the coming weeks, plus, of, course, perhaps the finest bar on the planet, The Harbour Bar, which is always free, always groovy, and always should have been built in Greystones. 

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