Diva Does It Again
October 16, 2019
Fionnuala On Track For 2020 Olympics
October 16, 2019

And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on…

Given just how important it is to stop every now and then and be children again, there’s a whole lotta shakin’ on offer in Greystones this week.

As always, the week would not be complete with the three diddley-aye fixes available – Tuesday’s open session in Dann’s, Brian Farrell and co gathering around the Horse fire on Wednesdays, and Ger Doyle caught in fiddle-driven time warp every Thursday in Dann’s. Forever. And ever.

It was shortly after learning that her author husband, Axel Jensen, had abandoned both her and their young son for another woman that Marianne Ihren first met Leonard Cohen, when the two were almost young. They quickly began living together on the Greek island of Hydra, where hedonism – and free loveruled. Noted documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield was part of that late 1960s set, and in Words Of Love, charts this strange and strained love story that inspired some of Cohen’s greatest songs. Screening on Thursday night in The Whale at 8pm, the cancellation list is now open.

The big one Friday night is the return of Marilyn Monroe, at least in spirit – and costumes – as retro babe Derby Browne brings her loving tribute show to The Whale. You can get on board for just the show, or go for a little pre-theatre dinner too in the Bear Paw. Nice.

To make sure your Friday night is a-rockin’, The Brian Meakin Trio will be turning it up to 11 at Dann’s, whilst Mr Shingles brings the blues to The Hot Spot, and Marilyn Monroe is at The Whale.

A different kind of concert Saturday night at The Whale, as Delgany’s Degani Trio team up with acclaimed actor Barry McGovern to tell the life story of one of music’s greatest composters, Beethoven. Part musical concert, part theatre performance, this night is going to quite like no other

Making sure that your joints are rockin’ on a Saturday night, Harmony are over at Lee’s, Austin Prior is in Pluck’s, and Take It Easy are in The Beach House.

On Sunday 20th, the bould Laura Wood takes a step deeper into the thespian world as she takes part in two One-Act Festival double bill of Sam Shepherd’s Red Cross and Caroline Harding’s Two Sisters, appearing in the latter alongside Kathy Gallagher, whilst in the former, it’s Orla Malone, Colin Hearns and Deirdre Malone. The fun kicks off at 7.30pm in The Whale.

Over at The Hot Spot on the same day, it’s one of Pat’s Fireside Sessions, all welcome at 4.30pm for a lazy, hazy and free afternoon. Donations are also very, very welcome

As always, don’t forget to check out The Whale, Pluck’sand The Hot Spot for all the groovy gigs happening over the coming weeks – plus, of course, the finest bar on the planet, The Harbour Bar

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