Elvis Has Left The Country
June 16, 2019
Kilmacanogue Horse Show 2019
June 17, 2019

There she goes, there she goes again, racin’ through my brain…

Another fine week of rock & roll, soul, one-man theatre shows and the weekly Sunday afternoon jam session…

As always, there are three diddley-aye fixes available each week – Tuesday’s open session in Dann’s, Brian Farrell and co gathering around the Horse fire on Wednesdays, and Ger Doyle caught in fiddle-driven time warp every Thursday in Dann’s. Forever. And ever.

To make sure your Friday night is a-hoppin’, Big Muddy will be country-rockin’ the bejiggers out of Dann’s, whilst upstairs in The Hot Spot, Thinner Lizzy will be celebrating Dublin’s finest, Boyzone.

If you’ve always wanted to get your head inside James Joyce’s most famous novel but have never quite managed to gain traction, let scurrilous scholar Robert Gogan take you down, with his hilarious one-man show, Strolling Through Ulysses, making sure you have a bloomin’ good time at The Whale on Friday too, at The Whale

Making sure that your joints are rockin’ on a Saturday night, over in sunny Kilcoole, Harmony will be playing the songs you love at Lee’s, The Banned are in, yep, The Beach House, over in Pluck’s, it’s Press Play, baby!

On Sunday afternoon at The Hot Spot, it’s a free Bring Your Own Blues gig, with all and sundry welcome to come on down at 4pm and unleash your inner rock god.

As always, don’t forget to check out The Whale (including Greystones Film Club goodies and those live satellite link-ups), Pluck’sand The Hot Spot for all the groovy gigs happening over the coming weeks – plus, of, course, perhaps the finest bar on the planet, The Harbour Bar, which is always free, always groovy, and always should have been built in Greystones. 

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