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March 18, 2020
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Given that bastarding Amazon, pretty much every shop that isn’t relying on coffee or food has a sale on.

Pretty much every single day of the year.

With this in mind, we thought having all the town’s bargains in one bin would make life a whole lot easier for all the tight-fisted Greystonians out there.

Who knows, it may even tempt you away from the Bezosland. And Dundrum.

Naturally, being Greystones, it’s proven pretty darn impossible to get all our shop owners to get their sales acts together, so, we reckon the best thing to do is simply post here the ones we can unearth. Take a walk, and you’ll probably find some more

If you know where to look, there are sales all over town. Here are some of the most recent Greytones specials…

For Paddy’s Day week, brothers-in-yums Lam’s Asian Cuisine and Eskimo Pizza have three specials running until Sunday, March 22nd – you can get a 15″ pizza or chicken curry, chips and spring rolls for just €10, or a spicy box for just €5. Boom!

Over at Green Mango, for the month of March, they have a Lockdown Special – for every order of €30 or more, you get €5 back, baby! Nice. Use the promo code REWARD.

And if looking good is the key, Sheena Griffin Photography have a Mother’s Day Special, wherein a €75 Family Portrait Session comes with a free €75 framed print. Or you can grab a gift voucher, and automatically get 50% extra value added. For nada. Free. BOOM!

And should you be thinking about sprucing yourself – or your home – up a little, Brooke & Shoals are putting the entire stock of their groovy shop up on their website over the coming weeks, and, to mark the grand occasion, sure, haven’t they got all sorts of groovy bargains on the go!

And if WiFi at home has been a problem, hey, no more loitering in cafés all day, my fat, freeloading friendJody Connaughton will get your whole house pingin’ for just €150

And talking of pizzas, Domino’s are offering 35% off orders of €30 or more online. Just click on the voucher at the top of the deals page. Here. Just added, they’ve also got Feed 4 For €24, with two medium pizzas and two sumptuous sides. And from Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 4pm, Domino’s have some yummy lunch specials, including personal pizzas with four toppings for just €4, small for €7, medium for €10 and large for €13. Nice.

Oh, and big shout-out to AMOC Jewellers, who are celebrating the launch of their new website with a special 10% off exclusively for GG readers. Just use the promo code GG2019 at checkout, baby!

On the foodie front, those clever clogs at Camile Thai have a €7.99 Lunch Special menu, full of yummy, award-winning goodness, with dishes including Stir Fry Noodles, Crispy Chili Chicken, Tom Yam & Rice, Green Curry, Fried Tofu Salad and beyond. all set in what is fast becoming the town’s favourite sun trap

And you’re down at Enso, pop next door to the bould Des Doyle, Greystones’ finest butcher, where there’s always bargains to be had. Right now, opening at noon except Friday and Saturday (when it’s 10am), they have a Leg Of Lamb for just €19.99, 750g of Round Steak Mince at €7 a tray (only 5% fat, people!), a range of ready meals at 3 for €18 and a 1kg bag of Chicken Goujons for just €10. If the Flynn twins were still alive inside today, this is where they’d be

Oh, and we would normally round-up the specials at faceless corporate giant Tesco, but, given that they’re still shitting on their long-term employees, feck ’em.

Up at Farrelly’s in Delgany, right now they have… well, we’re not entirely sure. Padraig and Anthony are supposed to email us weekly, but, so far, nada. Still, you can be sure of daily bargains at this award-winning butchers, baby!

Across the road at the Delgany Mini Market, even though it’s March, they’re still rolling out their Christmas specials – including Pringles and Terry’s Chocolate Oranges for €2.50 each, and Cadbury Milk Tray for just €6. Take that, global discount supermarket chains!

Talking of which, if healthy is your kick, Nature’s Gold always have goodies on the go, and The Happy Pear always have groovy promotions – so many, in fact, it’s hard for us to keep up. So, just pop in.

We update daily on the town’s specials, kids. So, y’all check back now. 

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