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August 1, 2013
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Knockeevin Montessori School is the longest established pre-school in Greystones.

Opened in 1985, the school has grown from strength to strength and has seen over 1, 000 local children through their pre-school years!

Knockeevin has two parallel classes and six full-time members of staff. Each child is guided through the Montessori curriculum according to their individual needs and abilities, setting a solid foundation for Primary School. The staff love what they do and are dedicated to giving the children in their care the best possible start in education and indeed life!

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About Knockeevin

The school was founded in 1985 by Gill, Mary & Gloria. Their dedication and commitment has seen the school grow from a small pre-school service into the wonderful facility it is today. Their genuine interest and love of children has given many local kids an eagerness to learn, an ability to apply themselves and a very positive first experience of schooling. Their approach is to look at the child holistically and because of this, they have had the privilege of becoming involved with many local families throughout the years, launching the children into the world of education with a positivity and confidence that has given them the very best possible start in life!
Knockeevin is designed to offer full teaching in the Montessori method for pre-school children. Due to the high qualifications of our staff, we are able to offer an all round education to our children, taking the best from each method and adapting it to our own needs. We have over 32 years experience in the childcare sector and this greatly aids us in developing a curriculum that is challenging and stimulating for our children. We try to work closely with the local national schools and while some of our curriculum does overlap, we work very hard at providing a parallel curriculum so that the children have new challenges when they progress on to primary school.
No two days at Knockeevin are ever the same! The children are gently guided through a range of age-appropriate activities that become a solid foundation for reading, writing, maths, social skills and practical life.
Each child is introduced to a variety of life skills and knowledge through the mediums of art, craft, story, drama, free-play and of course, the entire school curriculum designed by Maria Montessori is closely followed.
We are here because we love what we do. Our goal is to create a safe and happy environment that instills a love of learning and gives our small people the very best start possible!


“Gill’s Montessori was a treasure. Our children spent two very happy years there. It has been a great foundation for school and the rest of their lives. Friendships were fostered there, their confidence found and their individuality always respected. We all loved going up the lane to Gill’s and we always found a happy comfortable atmosphere when we got in, never a raised voice just happy busy children.”

Grainne Swann

“My children really enjoyed their time at Knockeevin Montessori school. They went happily to a caring and nurturing environment. As parents we felt they received a great start in education and had time to develop their own confidence and skills which prepared them well for primary school.
Melissa O’Faherty

Church Road, Greystones &
El Pinar, Kindlestown Hill, Delgany
Tel: 087 924 2896

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