My Lunches With Elvis #11: Buoys Kitchen

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December 4, 2019
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December 4, 2018
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My Lunches With Elvis #11: Buoys Kitchen

With the sun shining, money in his pocket and some new threads on his back, hey, The King is in a particularly good mood today.

The new outfit just arrived in the post this morning, and this white & red wonder fits The Artist Formerly Known As Alan Adamson like the proverbial glove.

Add to that a bonus turning up in his bank account this morning, that sun shining on his face, and the fact that he’s about to get another free lunch, well, how could Elvis Aaron Presley not be happy…?

The restaurant of choice today is Buoys Kitchen, the Greystones eaterie with pretty much the most perfect spot in town, being a scone’s throw from the train station, with oodles of outside space to embrace that afternoon and evening sun. And given that it’s the only restaurant on the east side of Church Road without a dirty big building on the west casting a shadow, that sun beams on Buoys Kitchen for far more hours than even The Happy Pear can muster.

But, hey, we’re not here for a tan – we’re here for a feed. And, quick as a flash, Elvis spots that Buoys Kitchen do a mean-looking Sloppy Joe, which is basically a hamburger with attitude. And spillage.

And a fried egg on top. BOOM!

Two very happy chappies had those buggers devoured in record time whilst horns beeped in honour of the King, and the man himself kept pausing to admire his latest Vegas catsuit in the reflected glory of Buoys’ window.

Still, as we ultimately need to know at the end of every slap-up meal with Elvis, did the mighty Buoys Kitchen deliver a mighty lunch fit for The King…?

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