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July 17, 2019
The Writing’s No Longer On The Wall
July 26, 2019

Every single time we’ve passed through Applewood Heights, we’d tell ourselves, hey, stop and find out who the hell owns that beautiful old Bedford fire truck.

And every time, we’d be in a hurry, and just think about calling by next time.

Well, today, just as we eventually caught up with Mike Nolan and his retro-future DeLorean, today, we finally swung by the coolest house in Applewood.

For, not only is there an old Bedford fire truck in the drive, but right beside it, there’s also a pretty darn immaculate Ford Zephyr, a car that last rolled off the factory line back in 1972.

Man, this is like the La Touche shop window come to life.

The man with the keys is John Finnegan, husband to everyone’s favourite night nurse, Mary Finnegan, and father to rising sci-fi author, K.A. Finn – oh, and brother to Eugene, that Bray lad with all the buses.

Having first come across the 1950s Bedford creation known affectionately as The Green Goddess whilst working in the Civil Defence, John was more than happy to give one of its sisters a good home when Dublin airport no longer had any use for it.

Given a fine respray by Shane O’Brien over in Kilcoole, this Greystones landmark has been sitting in the Finnegan front garden ever since. When it’s not out on tour with the Garden Of Ireland Vintage Car Club, that is.

Just how it got from there to here we decided to find out from the man himself, as he reflecting on a teenage wildlife in Greystones that sparked a lifelong passion for vintage motors…

You can find out more about the Garden Of Ireland Vintage Car Club here.