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June 22, 2017
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Sweet Thing

Open less than 24 hours, and already Mooch feels like it’s been part of Greystones forever…

Certainly the queues all day would have you believe that the good people of the town would not be able to make it to midnight unless they gobbled down at least one Eton Mess  (with extra strawberries and raspberry coulis!) and, for after, two Fruit Parfaits (with a double-dose of blueberries and extra honey on both!).

With two branches already in the big city – one on Dawson Street, the other in Blanchardstown – Mooch’s sweet-tooth couple Declan and Suzanne clearly know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to frozen yoghurts. Seven years of training will do that.

That’s why Mooch has hit the ground running, with seemingly every man, woman, child and household pet in Greystones having come through their front door today before strutting out with a smile. And one of those Mooch bowls.

Opening on a whim yesterday evening, having finally gotten everything just so, the Mooch maestros had to shut up shop at 10.30pm because, well, they were knackered after an instant and constant flow of lip-smacking, thigh-slapping, frozen yoghurt-snacking Greystonians had them trotting out treats non-stop.

And today? Eh, it was even busier

With opening hours yet to be decided – Greystonians seemingly just as happy to devour frozen yoghurt treats at midday as they are at midnight – it’s all systems go right now at Mooch.

Nonetheless, we managed to grab the lovely Suzanne for five minutes to find out just how come this latest addition to the town has somehow managed to make Greystones even cooler than before…

Find out more about Mooch on their groovy website right here.

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