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May 14, 2019
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May 16, 2019

As with so many of today’s bright young things, Nicolaas Walle has somehow managed to pack about 50 years of experience into less than half that time.

At just 19, the Delgany lad has built his own state-of-the-axe electric guitar, released two solo albums, and has just, rightly, won the Judges Prize at this year’s Stepping Stones: Battle of The Bands.

When it came to the latter, it was obvious to those judges very early on that Nicolaas Walle was something special. A multi-instrumentalist with a deep-rooted love of such 1970s widescreen artists as Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Gabriel-era Genesis, Walle was clearly a kid out of time. But, listening to his meticulous, melodic, immaculate playing, Walle’s music was plainly timeless too.

Sharing the glory with Public Vote winners Overture, Nicolaas will be shooting a top-of-the-range video at The Whale theatre in August, with local filmmaker supreme Robin J. Kavanagh behind the camera.

And it’s all thanks to our kinds sponsors, Greystones Municipal District Council. Boom!

In the meantime, we decided to try and find out the where, when, why and how the feck did this future rock god get from there to here so damn quickly…

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