Everybody! Get Your Crap Together!
October 1, 2019
Blessing Of The Graves
October 8, 2019

Given their cool-as-ice tagline of just three words – Scandanavian Artisan Luxury – we always assumed that AMOC’s name came from some Nordic mythology.

Or, at the very least, some classy Swedish porn.

Turns out AMOC simply stands for Anne Mette O’Connor, the full name of the happy young lass who started handcrafting her unique and bespoke jewellery above Bochelli’s back in 2007. Having married a hearty young Irish lad, Mette brought years of travel, and studying gemmology and jewellery in such far-flung corners of the world as Sydney, her native Denmark and in the unfettered fetlocks of Kilkenny.

Celebrating 20 years of blissful marriage this year – that groovy green ring above created especially to mark the occasion – Mette is also celebrating 10 years of being in the former longterm home of Tino’s delicatessen on Greystones’ main stretch.

In a moment of sweet synchronicity, among those couples who have proposed on AMOC’s shiny wooden floor is the grandson of Augusto and Claire Cassoni, the young man keen to mark his family’s time there as Tino’s.

Naturally, the girl said yes. How could she resist? All that family history, all that beautiful AMOC work.

Just how Mette got from Denmark daydreaming to Greystones reality when it came to her childhood passion for gems and jewellery we decided to find out on this miserable Thursday afternoon.

As Storm Lorenzo kicked up another gear outside, Mette, Martina and newcomer Paolo were safely indoors, each creating yet another little piece of magic.

Man, if only they sold coffee, we’d be there all day…

 You can find out more about AMOC Jewellery on their website here, or get in touch directly on 012871515 or mette@amoc.ie. Also, get an exclusive Guide 10% off, kids – details here.