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December 14, 2016
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January 9, 2017

Caroline Galligan Art The Hungry Monk
It is both fab agus groovy, and quite possibly Greystones’ most popular restaurant.

After Joker’s, of course.

A small, intimate, family-run, candlelit eaterie with a reputation that just keeps on spreading, it’s hardly surprising that the likes of Liam Neeson, Bono and Shay Clear have eaten at The Hungry Monk.

Serving fresh seafood in the summer (when you’ll find eight different varieties of fish on the menu) and wild game in the winter (when the menu will boast wild mallard, pheasant and venison), this award-winning restaurant and wine bar sprung into existence when proprietors Pat and Sylvia Keown first opened their Greystones main street doors, way back on July 31st, 1988. And for the last 16 years, their son, Julian, along with his good lady wife, Samantha, have been helping carry on the tradition of great food, even greater wine and the occasional grating one-liners.

It’s the way he tells ’em.

Situated in the heart of the town, on Church Road, you can contact The Hungry Monk’s restaurant on 012875759 and the bistro on 012010710. You can visit their main website here, and their Facebook page here.

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