Do The Strand
July 7, 2018
Take A Hike
July 9, 2018

And there we were, thinking that there was really only one Cliff Walk around here, and it was just about the finest walk known to man and Brayer. 

Turns out there’s a smaller, windier and wilier Cliff Walk just down the road, heading south out of Wicklow Town.

The access point is the public car park to your left just after you leave the town along the coast road, about five minutes out, as you spot the neighbouring golf club. Heading on down this small, well-kept path, just before you hit a Naylor’s Cove-esque stony beach, you take a right, around a half-assed Keep Out fence, and you’re on a well-worn hobbit-on-a-mission path that reveals some stunning little alcoves and seascapes.

After about 15 minutes, you’ll come to a crossroads that right, leads to that fine Wicklow Head Lighthouse guesthouse, and left, another stony alcove, known locally as Seal Beach.

Mainly because, on a good day, you can witness quite a large family of seals hanging out there, looking like Tony Soprano and his crew sleeping off a major feed on Sandy Hook beach

As proven by this fine 2011 photo by Charlie Kavanagh [left].

The path is officially closed right now, due to fallen debris, and we were delighted to see at least 30 plain clothes WCC rangers patrolling the area on this sunny Sunday afternoon, whilst also taking the opportunity to swim, sunbathe and have a beer or two whilst enjoying the view. Hey, it is Sunday, after all.

So, enter at your very own risk, kids. And possibly best not to bring any kids, given just how close to the edge this make-shift path happens to be. No major dangers for anyone who can walk up a flight of stairs without falling back down, but, caution is the key.

The good news is, the walk is about to be upgraded, after Wicklow County Council reached an agreement about a land transfer from Wicklow Golf Club earlier this month. Boom!

We’ve been heading down Wicklow Town way quite a bit of late, and, we’ve got to say, it might just have the edge over Greystones when it comes to geographical beauty. This little fecker’s got it all – that Black Castle looking out over the sea, its throbbing and thriving old harbour, those winding streets and curious corners, and, hey, best of all, a river runs through it. There also seems to be a distinct lack of snowflakes in the town. Which must be nice.

You can check out our beautiful neighbour here, and, of course, our very own Cliff Walk here. Bejiggers, we have so many beauty spots to get lost in around here… 

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