Mother Mary Comes To Me
July 7, 2018
The Other Cliff Walk
July 8, 2018

It’s pretty darn easy to forget The World Cup – and the rest of the world, for that matter – when you’re sitting in a place like Silver Strand.

It’s a beach tailor-made for a glorious summer, and since that’s what we’ve been having around here for the past few weeks, hey, why the heck did it take us so long to return to this hidden gem…?

There are a few Wicklow beaches on the way down to the mother of them all, Brittas Bay, but Silver Strand might just be the finest of the bunch, being a natural cove blessed with tropical sand and even a few small caves for the brats to explore.

And, bejiggers, that water looks clear enough to drink.

Getting there, you just head out the coast road from Wicklow Town, past that groovy lighthouse on your left, and then that long straight stretch past the golf course – where there’s a neat little ‘locals’ beach – till you see a great, big handpainted sign shouting ‘SILVER STRAND CAR PARK €5‘. Go just beyond that sign, and park on the side of the road. FOR FREE.

After that, it’s a 10min walk down a well-worn dirt track, alongside that nice farmer’s yard, and you’ll soon hit a large flat clearing, with a steep, zig-zag path straight ahead of you, or, alternatively, some battered and abandoned steps down through the overgrowth to your left (finishing with a stroll through a stream). Either path takes about five minutes, and then, whoop, there it is

That head-spinning, heart-stopping and soul-pumping Silver Strand. On a day like today, you could stay there forever…


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