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July 21, 2019
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July 24, 2019

Deep in rehearsals for his first homecoming headliner gig, Dylan E. Crampton has come a long way, baby, over the last year.

Born playing the guitar – now, that was a difficult birth – Dylan was very much destined to join the family business of making music, the Cramptons being pretty much The Jacksons without the nasty father.

Or the natty moves, of course.

Having released a staggering five singles over the past 12 months (and they were all pretty darn staggering too), Dylan is making the leap of supporting the likes of Christy Dignam and storming The Late Late Show to becoming the main attraction at The Whale on Sunday, September 8th.

Being the Cramptons, it’s going to be a family affair, with pop Stuart, mum Val, brother Elliot and sister Claudia no doubt joining in on the rock’n’roll circus, but, there will also be, we’re assured, a few surprises on the night.

In the meantime, we asked young Dylan to let us know, hey, what are the songs that can make him break down and cry…?

Aslan This Is

Great words, amazing voice, great melody. It’s singalong-y, feckin’ brilliant! G’wan, Christy. Up Finglas! One of my favourite songs ever.

The Cranberries Tomorrow

Another Irish one. I think it’s kind of happy sad – I like those kind of songs. It makes me feel warm inside, like kind of down but also like everything is going to be ok. Catchy; love Dolores’ voice on it. Which is maybe why it’s one of my favourite songs of the last 10 years.

Thin Lizzy Sarah

A perfect song in my mind’s ear. Catchy, cute, interesting – gives me chills at times. Moving lyrics, sweet harmonies, heartfelt sentiment, etc, but, most importantly, a bitchin’ guitar solo too. Just a very loveable, huggable song. Philo at his best.

The Beatles And Your Bird Can Sing

This used to be the alarm on my phone to wake me up with a smile every morning. I just love that goddamn harmonised guitar riff – basically makes the song. I think it’s a real fun little ditty, and, of course, Paul and John’s harmonies are pure Everlys heaven.

Bob Dylan Jokerman

Love the sound of this song. Sonically, it’s just out there, reggae masters Sly & Robbie’s drum and bass at the bottom, Mark Knopfler’s guitar floating overhead. Bob’s diction, vocal flourishes and pronunciations are addictive, and and I find it hard not to try and emulate Mr Zimmerman when singing along to it. As with so many Dylan songs, it’s hard to figure out exactly what he’s singing about, but there’s such a punch, a sense of urgency, that the feeling hits you in the gut. Definitely one of my favourite Dylan songs, and one of the best songs of the ’80s, in my humble opinion.

Status Quo Down Down

The almighty Quo, what can I say? I was hooked on them for years! This used to be one of my favourite songs when I was busking, and it always went down a treat. Catchy, rockin’, great harmonies, fun – just brilliant. This song is also a must-learn for any young rockers out there. Once you’re on the Quo, it’s VERY hard to ween yourself off. So, be careful with that stuff kids… Trust me!!

Demis Roussos Forever And Ever

Just a beautiful song. My mom introduced me to this song – as well as manny others – and it’s just pure class. Melodic, lovely words, lovely instrumentation andbacking vocals. Ear candy, in other words. This one just gets me in the feels every time.

Status Quo Mystery Song

Another Quo classic, Rick Parfitt working his magic with the riff on this one. Just a really energetic, rockin’ masterpiece. So catchy and exciting – love it! This is the long version with the cool trippy bookends that the single version didn’t have.

Foo Fighters Weenie Beenie

Dave Grohl at his best. Off the first album, where Dave played all the instruments himself. The riff that runs throughout the song, kicking off at the minute mark, is just delicious. I wish I could live in that riff sometimes! Great song to run up the Windgates Hill to!

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Listen To Her Heart

Tom Petty was the coolest guy. Seemed really genuine and humble too, and I’ll be forever gutted that I never got to see him live. Love Tom’s voice, and his way with words, and both of these wonderful qualities are in full flow on this track. Really cool, catchy song. RIP Tom…

You can grab your ticket for the Dylan E. Crampton Song Party at The Whale on Sunday, September 8th right about here.

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