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September 25, 2016
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As the Guide becomes an ever bigger part of this town, you won’t find a better place to reach out and touch the fine, firm-buttocked people of Greystones.

Well, beyond the town’s swingers club, that is.

Below are the many options we offer, divided between small local businesses (mate rates, basically) and larger, national and international companies.

From front-page advertorial space to sponsoring one of our fab & groovy features or month-long competitions, there’s something for everyone on the Guide. Whatever you choose, we’ll make it our business to help your business, spreading the good word far and wide. And then a little bit further.

Our policy is No Flat Ads. We want you to be part of the Guide, and that means making your presence on the GG Love Train a fun, informative and integral ride.

Keen to help small businesses and solo tradespeople in particular, we have very special prices for those not exactly rolling in dough. So, local business rates here are often half, sometimes more, our already good value standards. For the big boys, we have VIP sponsorship packages where you can be part of our daily posts for the week, or even a whole month.

Local Business: The Big Push

On the small local business front, for that urgent push, we have introduced front-page advertorial spaces at €35 for a 6-week promotion – three days on our What’s Hot This Week cover banner, four days on our front-page Recommended list, plus an extra five weeks on your soaraway Guide. Plus, inpost teaser links for that first week. We’re currently getting over 200,000 hits a month, so… Boom! 

Sponsor A Page A Day!

Again, for that upcoming business, you can also sponsor a new page a day for seven days, staying on the site for five weeks – and all for just €30. This option will see an acknowledgement of your sponsorship – with a link to your site – as part of a popular article each day for seven fresh posts over seven different days, with each sponsorship presence staying on the site for five whole weeks. Or why not go completely bonkers – for €50, you get fourteen fresh posts on fourteen different days, each teaser circle staying on the Guide for ten whole weeks…?

Be A Guide Cover Star!

Alternatively, you can become a Guide Cover Star, with a video chat, photos and profile, all wrapped up in, yep, a sparkling cover story, for just €75. Again, this is available only to local artists, artisans and businesses. Find out more here.

As we strive to avoid traditional ads on our front page, we instead make you an integral to the Guide, with a specially-designed, tailor-made GG page. Being part of a feature is a far friendlier, funkier, more direct way of reaching readers without ever stepping into spam territory.

Which is pretty much what Facebook and co. have turned into these days.

So, you can see your beautiful face on the cover for just €75 – reaching a lot of shiny, happy Greystonians in the process.

Big Business: The Big Push

When it comes to our special features – such as our annual Greystones’ Best Coffee, Me & My Pooch or Greystones’ Most Beautiful Baby competitions – you can join the 4-week online, press, radio and poster campaign by becoming the main sponsor for just €250. This will include not only a strong presence on the Guide and our social media, but also major press coverage in local media – including shout-outs on our weekly East Coast Radio guest spot – and a logo presence on our extensive postering campaign – plus a free 12-month Guide membership (worth €95 alone),which includes eight free feature posts (each worth €25). Your sponsorship will appear as a banner on fresh Guide posts for a whole month too…

This VIP Big Business special is also available as a four-month push, with your logo and details appearing on a new post daily for four whole weeks, and each post then staying on the site for a whole 16 weeks – again, all for just €250. This option also comes with your very own, customised GG page, featuring all your info, contact details, links and groovy images, plus a free 12-month Guide membership (worth €95 alone), which includes eight free feature posts (each worth €25). 

There’s also the Sponsor A Page A Day options explained above, with one week of daily posts costing just €30 and two weeks costing just €50

Naturally, each inpost shout-out will be a direct link to your own site. Boom!

Sponsor Our Weekly Gig Guide

If you’re keen to reach the cooler cats and dolls around here, you can sponsor our weekly online and extensive poster Gig Guide campaign. The no.1 entertainment listing around, you can be have your logo on the GG Gig Guide for just €50 for one week or €150 for four weeks. Noice.

Our Christmas Special!

Yep, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a GG special, and each year, we’re practically giving away membership for our big Yuletide campaign – featuring cover stories, posters around the town, social media crackers, and even shout-outs every Friday on our weekly East Coast Radio Show morning guest spot. All promoting the good town of Greystones as the no.1 place to sort out your Christmas list. Home is where the love, and the bargains, are, baby!

And you can be part of our great big seasonal hootenanny for just €30, which gives you your own Guide page and inclusion in all listings right through Christmas and into the January sales.


You can always find out what option suits you best by simply emailing us on info@greystonesguide.ie, or you can submit your details right here, and cough up some moolah here. If the interweb frightens you, there’s always the oul’ 20th century option – 0872848684.

Whatever you choose to do, just know that the Guide loves you. Just the way you are. Give or take a few pounds.

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