Christmas Harbour Market’s Final Fling

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December 25, 2018
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Christmas Harbour Market’s Final Fling

As this year’s Greystones Harbour Christmas Market comes to a close, you have to wonder, where the heck does the time go…?

More importantly, who won those two dirty big SuperValu shopping vouchers in the St Vincent de Paul draw?

Well, coming up second with a nice little €75 shopping spree is the bould Amy, whilst pocketing the dirty big €100 voucher is Joanne. Naturally, neither wanted to reveal their surnames. Just to avoid getting all those begging letters.

The man with his hand in the bucket is Beach House manager Terry Cullen, whilst Greystones Tidy Town thriller writer, digital painter and bucket-holder extraordinaire David O’Reilly is the man with his finger in quite a few pies

Kudos to the transition year students from St David’s, Coláiste Craobh Abhainn and Loreto in Bray, as well as the Greystones Sea Scouts, who helped get those St Vincent de Paul tickets sold.

Congrats also to Jody (that’s him, above, doing his best Kiss impression), James at The Boat Yard and the Tidy Towns gang for putting on another fine Christmas market right here in the heart of Greystones.

Well, the harbour is actually closer to being the arse of Greystones, geographically speaking, but still, you get the picture

And a big thank you too, to John McGowan, for capturing all of today’s wild and crazy fun. Oh, and whilst we have you there, John, be great if you could do the Christmas Swim on Tuesday too. Supposed to be pissing down again.

You can check out John McGowan’s full gallery from the day, and download – in hi-res – for free right here.

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