Ever Wondered What’s Inside That Masonic Hall…?

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August 14, 2017
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August 14, 2017
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Ever Wondered What’s Inside That Masonic Hall…?

To be honest, we really weren’t all that prepared for our long-awaited snoop this evening inside the Greystones Masonic Centre…

Having passed this little church-like building on Hillside Road a thousand times, and each time plotting a look inside one day, when that day finally came, GG was all a-fluster.

Partly because we had forgotten our usual camera – hence the especially crappy-verging-on-avant garde framing here – but more importantly because, well, we can’t make up our minds about this whole Freemasonry lark.

On the one hand, it seems innocent enough, like Boy Scouts for men. On the other, its 300 years of secrecy and subterfuge and the compulsory belief in a supreme being suggests, at worst, an early Church Of Scientology prototype, and, at best, given its jobs-for-the-boys-only-club rules, visions of Fianna Fáil with candles. Lots and lots of candles.

In the end, even after talking with presiding officer of the lodge, Stefan Gathmann (who joined in 2009) – and, in the background, local veteran Denton (who joined in 1989) – we’re still none the wiser.

If the Freemasons ever had fangs at any point over the last three centuries, they would appear to be well and truly worn down to a gummy, friendly smile these days. As proven this evening by the chucklesome Worshipful Master – to give Stefan his official lodge title.

Just be prepared to, you know, slay the fatted cat if you want to join.

You can find out more about our local Emerald Masonic Lodge right about here


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  1. Bill Starkey says:

    There are still a couple of MASSIVE misconceptions in the original post.

    For instance, “300 years of secrecy and subterfuge”? Where did that come from? Up until the early 20th Century parades of Freemasons were common place, masonic meetings were always advertised in local newspapers, scarcely a single public building in the UK and Ireland was build without a prominent local Freemason laying the foundation stone. This only really came to end with the threat of Nazi invasion. In countries that had already been invaded one of the very first actions by the Nazis was to obtain lists of the names of Freemasons so that they could be rounded up and sent off to the death camps. It was hardly surprising that Freemasonry went ‘underground’ and became more secretive with that sort of threat involved. Unfortunately it took a long, long time after WWII before it really came back out of the shadows. But it is truly back out in the open now, with open days, press days, parades of Masons wearing their regalia, etc, etc. As for the ‘subterfuge’ – where did that come from?

    Secondly, “jobs-for-the-boys-club-rules” – a misconception that has absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever. In actual fact Freemasons are expressly forbidden to show any such favouritism.

  2. Stefan says:

    Don’t forget, this is on this Saturday, 19th August, at 8 p.m.!

  3. David says:

    Great work! I for one have always been dying for look inside that building. Good interview? Any interesting photos/objects around the walls?

    • Stefan says:

      Hi David,

      Indeed there are some interesting things on the walls and to most (if not all) we are able to provide you with insights.
      I am curious if any visitor will point me to something I haven’t recognised or asked about, yet!