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October 12, 2020
Put Your Thinking Caps On!
October 14, 2020

Okay, it’s a crappy headline, but, it’s Sunday, and we’re feckin’ tired…

Not so tired though that we couldn’t swing down to Greystones marina this evening and catch two fearsome young ladies as they prepare to up anchor and hit the high seas.

Buddies Pamela Lee and Catherine Hunt are actually hoping to hit the Guinness World Book of Records too, bejiggers, as they attempt the first all-female doublehanded sail around Ireland.

Like many an Irish world record attempt, this one was decided over a beer, and Greystones girl Pamela and her British bestie Cat have now found themselves the talk of sailing websites, magazines and clubs around de globe

Heck, this is such a big affair, Greystones’ Cathaoirleach, Derek Mitchell, even paid them a visit this morning, going Full Medallion for the official town slap on the back.

Organised in conjunction with The Majenta Project – a collective committed to creating equal access and opportunities for women in sailing‘ – Pamela and Cat are quick to thank all those who have helped them on their journey so far – including their current hosts, BJ Marine, and Kenny Rumball, Lee’s co-skipper in RL Sailing.

Planning to launch their 700 nautical mile journey on Tuesday evening (starting and finishing at the Kish light on Dublin Bay) for now, Pamela and Cat are gearing their Figaro Bénéteau III racing yacht  – and themselves – up for the biggest challenge of their young lives.

Naturally, feeling nauti, we had to find out a little more about world records, women in boats, and, eh, coping with all that pier pressure…

You can find out how Pamela and Cat did on their record attempt right about here.