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Girls On Fin

It is, of course, the job of your trusty Greystones Guide to observe and report on all the shenanigans – good or bad – that goes on day-to-day in this fine little town of ours.

Indeed, it is our duty to penetrate every hidden nook and fine cranny in our mission to keep you, the lazy-ass reader, bang up-to-date with the local news, views, blues and half-price shoes.

And so it was only natural that, as soon we noticed four rather stunning models doing a bikini shoot just as we set about preparing The Cove for last night’s screening of The Little Mermaid, we bravely ventured over to find out more.
Determined to bring the good people of the town the inside scoop on this strange if rather fetching apparition, we bravely pushed aside the two objecting photographers and made our way to the four beautiful ladies before they had a chance to scarper.
Turns out the shoot is for a funky new Brazilian brand of crochet tops and bikinis called Rio Soul Beachwear, and the genius behind it all just happened to be one of the models making the most of The Cove’s striking resemblance to Fernando de Noronha, that groovy archipelago 350km off the north-east coast of Brazil.
Squint your eyes for a second, and you’d swear you were there!

With the photoshoot just wrapping up, Vanessa told us all about her beachwear line, and how Irish heatwaves give her goosebumps. You can find out more about Rio Soul Beachwear on their Facebook page here.

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