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Greystones Has A Few Watercolour Moments…

La Creperie Brenda Malley
We’re suckers here at GG HQ for seeing the world through an artist’s eyes…

Brenda Malley ArtistAnd we’re blessed in Greystones to have so many of the 9-t0-5-dodging bums mooching through our town on a daily basis.

Last Sunday, as part of the weekly Greystones Art & Photography Exhibition down at the harbour, the lovely Brenda Malley had set up her Urban Sketchers stall, showing everyone just how easy, and beautiful, the fine art of location sketching can be.

Relatively new to Greystones but already a big part of the town (hubby Michael is even part of the Tidy Towns troops), Brenda moved here from France four years ago, and teaches both oil painting and location sketching at the Schoolhouse For Art in Enniskerry. With Urban Sketchers a global community bringing together artists to share their work online, Brenda is currently busy setting up a local branch.

And if you’re keen to get a taste for more, Brenda will be at GRAPE next Sunday, June 19th, for a free demonstration of that magical urban doodling. And if you can’t make that date, after a quick trip away in early July, Brenda plans on being down at the harbour every Sunday afternoon for the rest of the summer.

You can find out more about Brenda and her wonderful work on her blog here, and all about her Urban Sketching get-togethers in Enniskerry here.

Meanwhile, bask in the beauty. You buggers.

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