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July 31, 2018
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August 1, 2018

As much as we’re surrounded by many a big & beautiful walks – from Devil’s Glen to the Sugar Loaf, and beyond – it’s the little hideaways that can truly recharge those batteries.

Little hideaways such as the White Rock beach in Killiney.

Not quite Silver Strand, sure, but, it’s a perfectly-formed slither of seaside sublime nonetheless.

With Bray Head jutting out into the distance, on a horizon line that also boasts the Great Sugar Loaf, the trains rattling every 15 minutes overhead, and even a fine, supersized bus shelter to take refuge from the rain in, you could lose yourself in this perfect swimming cove for the entire day.

Heck, there’s even a grand flat stone stage to fish from, or to simply dive into the water.

When Max and GG swung by this bland Tuesday afternoon, there was enough mellow to sent Donovan downstream, with an elderly couple sitting on their fold-outs near the waves, a father and two kids sharing the shelter with a young couple, and a family making the most of that stage, alternating between their fishing rods and making a splash.

Pretty much opposite one of the two entrants into Killiney Hill – we’ll cover that next – on Vico Road, this little hideaway even boasts restrooms alongside the row of welcome benches.

Just, you know, be careful how you go. This is where the Hewson lad likes to meet de peoples.

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