My Lunches With Elvis #14: The Happy Pear

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January 8, 2019
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January 8, 2019
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My Lunches With Elvis #14: The Happy Pear

It was only a matter of time, of course, before the town’s most famous food critic would make his way to our most famous eaterie.

And when better than on the day that would have been The King’s 84th birthday…?

With the sun shining, and The Artist Formerly Known As Alan Adamson in particularly fine fettle – this was his first free lunch, after all, in nearly three weeks! – the setting couldn’t be better for what looked deceptively like Beef Wellington with all the trimmings. Including cranberry sauce, roast spuds and gravy.

We’re guessing that, given the speed and glee with which Elvis chomped it all down that it hit the spot.

Then again, with a spot that size, it would be hard to miss.

Still, the question, as always, remains – was this fine if struggling Greystones food emporium able to produce a lunch fit for The King…?

You can grab another lunch with Elvis right about here.

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