My Lunches With Elvis #7: The Three Q’s

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November 7, 2018
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February 2, 2019

It’s where we first sat down to break bread with The King, back in July, The Three Q’s already proving a favourite Greystones haunt.

Mainly because, as The Artist Formerly Known As Alan Adamson was quick to point out, the Quinn brothers supplied “the best burgers in all of Ireland”.

So, Elvis was more than happy to meet at The Three Q’s for this week’s lunch review, settling rather swiftly for, yep, that dirty big burger.

We opted for some kind of tasty sausage salad – forget the name – but, today was clearly all about The King and his beloved burger.

Eating all his chips first, then placing some of the actual burger on his plate, Elvis wolfed down his all-round, all-time favourite before finishing the meal with a quick knife and fork attack on those leftovers.

Well, if a man is about to perform in front of his fans on a hot Thursday night – and for a very worthy cause – he’s going to need all his strength.

After a quick lick of the plate and a sly burp, it was clear that The King was happy. So happy, in fact, Alan reckoned our usual out-of-ten rating clearly wasn’t big enough to express his appreciation…

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