My Lunches With Elvis #9: Caffé Delle Stelle

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November 18, 2018
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November 19, 2018
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My Lunches With Elvis #9: Caffé Delle Stelle

This was not our usual lunch with The King, as the rain poured down outside, and The Artist Formerly Known As Alan Adamson donned his civilian clothes.

The man is still unmistakably Elvis, of course, thanks to those gold-rimmed shades and those dirty big, God-given sideburns.

Miraculously, given his taste for all things simple and fried, Elvis had never actually stepped inside the doors of Caffé Delle Stelle before – which may explain Tomasso look of mild shock as The King strutted through the door.

The coffee here is, of course, award-winning, but what of the food? A mix of Italian and what-your-mother-used-to-make, Caffé Delle Stelle specialises in no-nonsense, healthy and hearty grub

And the fact that they do a great, big all-day Irish breakfast got Elvis licking his lips – and shaking his hips – with delight.

Whole lotta bacon going on, baby!

But, as always, the big question on everyone’s lips is, does Tomasso serve up a big second breakfast fit for The King…?

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