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May 21, 2020
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May 21, 2020
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Need A Little Extra Home Security?

The bould Andy has been on about a new home security lock that will make that front door a whole lot safer.

Which is always a good feeling to have when your head hits that pillow.

Boasting no accidental lock-outs, and an easy, functional display, these high-security bolt lock and keys also can’t be copied. Or equalled, for that matter.

Over to Andy for de full story…

All new houses and apartments have to have a Thumbturn on the inside to allow what’s known as exit without key – which is the minimum fire regulations. This means that small children can open new front doors easily.

A way to help keep children safe inside is to add an upper lock, this particular flyer lock will not lock you out accidentally as you manually lock it.

It comes with 5 keys using a restricted key (meaning can only be copied by Newlock). It has a built-in door limiter which allows you to securely open your door (like a door chain).

It is an Austrian-made lock and extremely strong.

So, think of it as the Arnie of door armour, kids. Back in business from June 8th, book your Newlock fit by calling 0866012976 or emailing You can find out more about Andy and Newlock right here.