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March 16, 2020
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It’s just about the most beautiful stretch of the legs you’re going to find in Wicklow – and that’s saying something.

Covering roughly four miles between Greystones to That Other Place, this life-enhancing walk takes about one and a half hours to cover – and along the way, The Cliff Walk will take your breath away.

Actually, this is a relatively breezy walk, as you echo the railway line – built between 1847 and 1856 – along some of Ireland’s most stunning, rugged coastline, with the path hugging the nearly 800-foot Bray Head, each corner revealing ever more stunning scenery. And those beautiful low stone walls, flowering yellow gorse and shoulder-height ferns will guide you along views of stunning slate cliffs and fifty shades of blue looking back across Dublin Bay to the north or Kilcoole, Wicklow and beyond to the south. 

You can find out a little bit about The Cliff Walk history here, take a snow-covered walk there with Joe Redmondhere, and take a walk with GG on a beautifully sunny February day along the path right here. You can also check out Fáilte Ireland’s take on The Cliff Walk here. Oh, and if you’re in a hurry, here’s a funky, short drone ride, taken from above on Saturday, April 16th 2016. And if all that doesn’t exhaust you, go Take A Hike here

In the meantime, enjoy this collection of photographs, postcards and paintings below of one of the finest fitness course in the world. But not before you get an education from this rather fine 2011 documentary… 

Cliff Walk Magic Lantern Slide Photo. Source: ebay

Cliff Walk photo 1870s. Source ebay

The Cliff Walk Signal Postcard 1924. Source ebay

The Cliff Walk vintage postard. Source ebay

Cliff Walk by Caroline Galligan

Cliff Walk Thurs 18th Feb 2016 28 (651x1024)

Cliff Walk 18th Feb 2016 Pic: Pablo Photography

Cliff Walk’s natural arch c.1920

Cliff Walk Valentine Postcard

Cliff Walk Ponies

Brandy Hole tunnel postcard. Source Unknown

Cliff Walk 1950s postcard

Cliff Walk Postcard

Cliff Walk Postcard

Vintage Cliff Walk postcard

Cliff Walk going in the right direction

Cliff Walk going in the right direction

Cliff Walk First Railway - Bridge Disaster

Cliff Walk First Railway – Bridge Disaster

Cliff Walk gets a little dangerous 11TH Jan 1996

Cliff Walk gets a little dangerous 11JAN96

Dart Bray Head Cliff Walk Pic Nicky Cox June 2016

Dart Bray Head Cliff Walk Pic Nicky Cox June 2016

Cliff Walk 16APR16

Cliff Walk Summer 2014 7

Summer 2014 Pic: Pablo Photography

Cliff walk aerial shot

Aerial Shot 2002

Bray Head Cliff Walk Postcard. Source: ebay

Cliff Walk 1913

The Cliff Walk. Source: Carte de Visite

In the days before health & safety….

The Bray end circa 1950

Full steam ahead to Greystones…

Cliff Walk Thurs 18th Feb 2016 12 Dart (678x1024)

Take The A Train 18FEB16 Pablo Photography

The Game Of Death years

Cliff Walk, with the old Brabazon tunnel on the right.

Lord Meath’s old bridge

Come away with us… Source: Adventure Holidays

Heart Of Glass by Robert Madden

Now, go take a flight over The Cliff Walk here. And then explore our other great local hikes here.