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July 6, 2019
My Greystones: Siobhan Hanley
October 20, 2015

It took a while to convince Joe Sweeney to take part in our weekly My Greystones column – but we weren’t about to give up.

The man is a local legend, after all.

And he just happens to make the finest chips this side of Italy.

In total, it took about six visits to Joe’s harbour cafe before he finally agreed to pose for a photograph. The questionnaire would have to wait.

Getting a few chuckles out of Joe as the camera clicked – we asked him to say ‘Jokers chips are the best!’, and he very nearly did, until he realised what he was saying – such good spirits had Joe finally exclaim that he really didn’t need to fill out the answers. He just had one thing to say to the good people of Greystones.

We’re just glad the man finally broke.

To utter one answer.

Then again, at this stage in his life, Joe Sweeney doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone.

You can find plenty of subsequent Joe shenanigans right about here.

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  1. linda Murphy says:

    Well done Joe.Your the main Man